Transgenderism, the left’s offensive against Western Civilization

Who among us could have guessed a few years back that today gender ideology would be the clearest, most divisive matter of contention separating the American left from the right?  To those reasonably grounded in reality, the notion that gender is fluid, that a Supreme Court Justice would be unable to define the word “woman,” that men can give birth, and that children can and should be mutilated if they are confused about their own gender identity is not only sheer lunacy, it is barbaric.  

But the left’s commitment to those ideas is total; it’s the hill on which they are willing to die.  Those who disagree with them are vilified as transphobic, haters or terrorists.   Trans activists may well be the least tolerant “community” in the country.

Recently, a young trans girl/boy posted a video of what five years of testosterone have done to her; she regrets her transition.  The comments posted below her video are vicious.  There are probably hundreds of similar regret videos but there are many more videos that promote gender transitions, even for the very young.  Planned Parenthood promotes cross sex transition and has become a giant of the industry.

Matt Walsh, who made the film that asks “What is a Woman,”  began taking the film to college campuses this past week, and shockingly, is filling  auditoriums.  But the events draw angry protesters, some of them Antifa, who scream and chant their profanities in their attempt to disrupt the screenings.  They have not been successful.  

The film is a must-see; the damage done to young people by the doctors and psychologists who see themselves as advocates for those suffering from  gender dysphoria, a mental condition, is catastrophic and irreversible.  People who submit to the “top surgeries” (breast removal) or bottom surgeries (genital reconstruction)  become patients for life.  They will live with pain the rest of their lives.

In the meantime, leftists are busy stocking school libraries and classroom bookshelves with all manner of pornography, especially promoting homosexuality and normalizing transgenderism.  As parents across the country have become aware of this subterfuge, they are fighting back, showing up at school board meetings to complain.  According to AG Garland, these parents are to be designated as “domestic terrorists.”  If reported, he will sick the FBI on them.  

Someone, some organization, is paying for “family friendly drag queen shows” in cities and towns all over America.  Small children are encouraged to watch, even touch, drag queens dressed in provocative outfits in which they twerk and otherwise behave in sexually inappropriate ways.  Who are the parents who take their small kids to such events?  Likely the same ones who embrace the transgender movement as “compassionate” rather than devastatingly pernicious. 

So just who is paying for those drag queen shows in the most unexpected places?  Candace Owen’s spectacular documentary, The Greatest Lie Ever Sold,” tells the true story of George Floyd’s death, and the millions donated to Black Lives Matter that have never been used to benefit any black lives but those of the insiders.  The film documents that of the many millions of the nearly $90m taken in, much of it has gone to transgender groups of vague and mysterious origin.  In the film, Owens calls many of them; only one had a phone number in use.  Owens seems to prove that BLM is a fraudulent organization that has benefitted no one but the grifters who founded it.   The film is a must-watch.  Our corrupt media crafted the George Floyd story and little of it had any resemblance to the truth.

As if the damage done in the name of transgenderism were not enough, the Democrat party has single-handedly destroyed women’s sports by allowing trans women (men) to compete against girls.  Young female athletes simply cannot win in any sport against competitors who were born male.  And as an added feature to this brand of moonbattery, males who identify as female must be allowed in women’s restrooms and school locker rooms.  Any discomfort caused for young girls?  Too bad.  It is as if these people who claim to value women’s rights are actually trying to erase women altogether.  Or is their agenda the erasure of gender, male and female?

Three years ago Peter Skurkiss wrote here that “…transgenderism is being forced on society not from the ground up but from the top down by the ruling elite.”  He rightfully cites the “media, academia, the entertainment industry, major corporations as the soft power behind transgenderism with its incessant propaganda” and big tech’s willingness to censor any opposing views.   The Democrat party is to blame for the laws they get passed, the judges they appoint.  

Read the whole column.  Skurkiss blames George Lukacs, the father of Cultural Marxism; Lukacs advocated for “cultural terrorism.”  And that is exactly what we are dealing with at this moment in time.  The Democrat party has perfected cultural terrorism.    They do not care who many lives they destroy in the process.  They have brought us to the edge of an abyss.  Along with the globalists, the Democrats intend to transform America into something it was never meant to be.  They cannot be allowed to win. 

“You may live to see man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.”  Nikola Tesla

“The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate those who speak it.”  George Orwell


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