The WaPo runs a paranoid, delusional article about a second Trump term

The WaPo has put together a panicked article relying on myriad experts to predict the horrors of a second Trump term. The long essay shows epic delusion and projection about the worst aspects of Democrat party governance.

The article’s title is pure paranoia: What Will Happen to America if Trump Wins Again? Experts Helped Us Game It Out. The scenarios are ... grim. The contents are based upon ideas from “21 experts in the presidency, political science, public administration, the military, intelligence, foreign affairs, economics and civil rights” who “sketched chillingly plausible chains of potential actions and reactions that could unravel the nation.” None seems to realize that she/he/it is describing what Democrats have already done

The experts claim Trump will use three phases to destroy America. Phase 1 will see him seize control over the government. First, he’ll “install[] super loyalists.” Larry Diamond, who has a gig at Stanford, says Trump “would then set about trying to politicize the FBI, the intelligence agencies and as much of the government as possible.” The experts are manifestly horrified that the Constitution gives Republican presidents, as well as Democrat ones, the power to select who heads administrative agencies.

Apropos the FBI, 53% of Americans believe that Biden has turned the FBI into his “personal Gestapo.” It’s a logical conclusion after watching the FBI ignore America’s descent into a violent, crime-infested nightmare and, instead, harass parents at school board meetings, raid peaceful Christians, and generally attack Biden’s political opponents.

Second, Trump would govern without Senate advice and consent. The worry is that Republicans will have a Senate majority and vote in a block for Trump—just as Democrat senators habitually do for Democrat presidents. I remember that Senators Manchin and Sinema were viewed as almost treasonous when they refused to vote with the block on the filibuster.

Image: Donald Trump. YouTube screen grab.

Finally, Trump will consolidate power by thinning the ranks of government employees and hiring people who aren’t lockstep Democrats. To Dems, this is “politicizing” the civil service. In fact, the Democrats have already done so.

In 2020, federal employees overwhelmingly donated to Democrats. In the postal services alone, almost 80% of all donations went to Democrats. This is the same postal service that handles mail-in ballots. Other federal agencies also flooded Democrats with money, with the FCC giving almost 100% of its donations to the Dems. The agency that is least Democrat is the State Department, which still gave almost 54% of its money to Dems.

Phase 2, the WaPo predicts, is that Trump will deploy the military aggressively at home while retreating abroad. The experts have already forgotten that Biden had the military patrolling D.C. for the first four months of his presidency. He also ripped the military out of Afghanistan, leading to deadly chaos, both for the Afghan people and American troops.

Experts also fear military parades; walking back the current (and expensive) renaming of military bases in the South; ending the left’s practice of using the military as a social experiment for LGBTQ++ causes, Critical Race Theory, and third-wave feminism; and using the military to quell violence in the streets (read: Democrat violence in the streets).

The “experts” also believe America’s global leadership role will end, to Putin’s delight. Funnily enough, it wasn’t until Biden that Putin attacked Ukraine, North Korea fired ballistic missiles at Japan, Europe lost access to energy, Saudi Arabia refused to pump oil for America and, of course, China flexed its muscles everywhere, from Taiwan to Brazil. It’s on Biden’s watch that Britain’s most popular political newspaper, The Telegraph, has printed a brutal attack calling an American president “useless and nasty.”

The WaPo experts also predict that Trump will destroy the CIA’s intelligence work. If you can name for me an example of the CIA doing a good job under either Obama or Biden, I’ll be very surprised.

Phase 3 will be “political violence and democratic collapse.” The steps will be “ideological, racial and ethnic tensions ramp up,” “the bonds that bind the Union loosen,” and “the chances of civil war increase.”

In response, I have only three words: “George Floyd riots”—you know, the Democrat-supported, BLM- and Antifa-led riots that burned cities to the ground, causing billions in damages and leading to dozens of deaths. Trump, however, never brutally suppressed the riots, nor did he do so when Democrats rioted over his inauguration. What’s really happening here is that Democrats are desperately afraid that, if they again use race and ideology to burn American cities, Trump might finally respond forcefully.

I’ve just skimmed the topmost points of the essay. It’s as perfect a case of projection as you will ever see, with Democrats holding a mirror to their faces, but utterly failing to recognize themselves. 

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