The party of diversity singing 'The Changuito Blues'

If you are trying to learn Spanish, you will learn that Latinos use different words to speak about monkeys.  For example, I called them "monos," but that's because I grew up in a Cuban home.  My Mexican friends call them "changos" or "changuitos."

It's normally not a derogatory term, but context matters, as it always does.  For example, if a new mother calls her a baby a "changuito" because he jumps from here to there, then that's funny.  On the other hand, if a politician refers to the son of a black member of the council as a "changuito," then all bets are off.

Over the weekend, we got word that racism is not limited to the MAGA crowd.  On the contrary, there is lots of supply among those liberals who can't pass a chance to refer to MAGA as racist.

This is from the LA Times:

Behind closed doors, Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez made openly racist remarks, derided some of her council colleagues and spoke in unusually crass terms about how the city should be carved up politically.

The conversation remained private for nearly a year, until a leaked recording reverberated explosively Sunday and turned the focus of a sprawling metropolis toward Los Angeles City Hall.

By Sunday evening, three of Martinez's council colleagues had called for her to resign. The leak had quickly become a new and incendiary issue in the coming Nov. 8 election, with candidates — some of them endorsed by Martinez — having to stake out positions.

Yes, they got caught saying "parece changuito," or he looks like a little monkey.  Obviously, she was talking about a black monkey.  Then it got more interesting when they said, "F--- that guy. ... He's with the blacks."

The Nury Martinez gang will say she was speaking in private and not for public consumption.  I understand that, but then candidate Donald Trump was also speaking in private when he made some profane remarks in a bus.  Did Nury Martinez cut Donald Trump some slack when those private remarks flooded the pages of the media?  The left's response was that private remarks often reflect your true nature.  Well, did Nury and the gang just reveal how they really feel about blacks?

Let's see how the media covers this real racism.  Maybe CNN will tell us that a Republican released the tape to change the national conversation about the "insurrection."

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