The mainstream media openly advocate for John Fetterman

It began with NBC News Reporter Dasha Burns doing an in-person interview with Pennsylvania Senate Democrat candidate John Fetterman.

Fetterman suffered a stroke in May, causing his health to become a major issue in the Senate race.

Burns revealed that Fetterman has "lingering auditory processing issues” due to his stroke." Hence a monitor was set up before him so he could read a transcript of her questions. She also revealed he has problems with his speech.

Burns also said that once the closed captioning was on, Fetterman was able to answer all questions during her 25-minute interview.

This wasn’t a political hitjob but factual reporting.

But since these inconvenient facts could harm the electoral prospects of a Democrat, Burns received considerable backlash from various Democrat proxies in the mainstream media.

They branded Burns’ reporting ableist.

Attributing bigotry is a favorite ploy of Democrats to silence those who state inconvenient facts.

Fetterman’s wife Gisele also pushed the ableist spin.

She said Burns should face "consequences" for her reporting. 

The vagueness leaves many open questions

Was she suggesting that Burns should be sacked or reprimanded by NBC News?

Was she implicitly calling for violence against Burns?

Recently, Rolling Stone magazine did a lengthy and very fawning profile of Gisele Fetterman titled "John Fetterman Had a Stroke. Gisele Fetterman Became a Political Star."

What did Gisele do to deserve such fawning?

She is an activist and former illegal immigrant from Brazil, but above all is married to a Democrat.

Among the blandishments lavished on Gisele, was that she became the de facto candidate after her husband had a stroke four days before the primary contest. 

The author of the piece, Kara Voght, tweeted her article with a caption about Gisele being the de facto candidate for her husband and a political star.

Voght probably expected unending praise from the Democrat echo chamber. She had fawned over a former illegal immigrant and a woman of color, the demographic groups that the Democrats claim to adore.

Alas for her, she had erred.

Lackeys often do that; in their urge to gratify their masters they engage in exceeding flattery causing unintended harm to the object of their sycophancy.

Voght ended up tacitly conceding was that John Fetterman seriously indisposed hence his wife was the face of the primary campaign, implying that he still may be unfit.

This revelation was must undesired by Democrats at this juncture of the tightly contested Senate race.

Before she suffered backlash like Dasha Burns, Voght dutifully deleted her tweet claiming she was ‘imprecise’ with her choice of words regarding Gisele’s role.

Vogut’s new tweet claimed that Gisele was a “key surrogate for her husband”

The article continues to feature ‘de facto candidate’ the very words Voght claimed were imprecise. But that could change.

Voght received an endorsement from the subject of her piece.

It is almost like a client giving their PR agent a pat on her back.

Rolling Stone isn’t the only new outlet that altered its messaging to suit Fetterman

The foremost Democrat mouthpiece, the New York Times, carried a piece by David M. Perry, a disabled parent of a disabled child, in defense of Fetterman

However, the piece underwent a headline change, focusing on the media furor rather than Fetterman's disability

Perry mentions President Franklin Roosevelt, Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, Senator Tammy Duckworth of Illinois, and Representative Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina for their use of wheelchairs

Perry claims that Ronald Reagan may have been unable to perform his duties as president owing to Alzheimer’s, long before his second term expired.

Perry also focuses on the mental health issues of politicians to show how attitudes toward them have changed. 

There is mention of a cover of Fact Magazine from 1964  that read, “1,189 Psychiatrists Say Goldwater Is Psychologically Unfit to Be President!” with one calling him a “dangerous lunatic.”

Perry cites Thomas Eagleton being kicked off the Democratic ticket as vice president in 1972 when it was revealed that he had been hospitalized for depression.

Perry also slams Dasha Burns for her ‘ableism’.

The piece attempts to make the case that attitudes toward physical disabilities are evolving. However, when it comes to invisible disabilities, and in particular ones that involve communication or mental function, stigma is trickier to debunk and dispel.

To sum it up: Perry is claiming that Fetterman is disabled and must be allowed to function like any other individual with disabilities.

Now for some facts.

John Fetterman is suffering the aftereffects of a stroke.

In the case of persons with disabilities, the impairments are specific and known. 

However, Fetterman tried to conceal his stroke. He is hesitant to release his medical records. Hence voters are unaware of the extent of his impairments and his prospects of recovery.

As senator, he would have to read and comprehend volumes of documents to decide his vote. Voters are unclear if he is physically and mentally fit for the job.

Fetterman relentlessly dodged debate requests from Dr. Oz. Which proves all is not well. Fetterman finally agreed to debate Oz on October 25. Will Fetterman fulfill this commitment?

Fetterman had a double-digit lead over Dr. Oz in the summer; however that lead has melted into thin air. RealClearPolitics polling average has Fetterman leading Oz by only 3.4 percentage points; that figure was 3.7 just a couple of days ago.

The momentum is with Oz, which explains why Democrat proxies in the media are so focused on this race.

The Democrats are immensely fond of the likes of Fetterman. He will be their ideal rubber-stamp elected official who will push their far-left agenda literally without any thought. Since there are no recall facilities, he will be in the Senate for at least six years. He will be what Biden is in the White House.

The focus on his health could be beneficial to Fetterman.  It distracts from his personal and political record perhaps even making him a sympathetic figure.

So here are details about his record.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that well into his 40s, Fetterman’s main source of income came from his parents. Fetterman’s only paying work was $150 a month as mayor of the small town of Braddock. After his tenure ended, “in 2013, he moved to an industrial-style loft he purchased from his sister for $1 after she paid $70,000 for it six years earlier.”

Fetterman is also an advocate for Black Lives Matter and defunding the police, despite his campaign website removing all mentions.

Fetterman called for reversing Pennsylvania’s law that mandates life-without-parole sentences for second-degree murder. Fetterman was the lone member of the Board of Prisons that voted to free a man serving a life sentence for murder after pleading guilty to killing an 18-year-old for drug money.

Fetterman is a proponent of open borders and Planned Parenthood that supports late-term abortion.

In other words, he is just another far-left Democrat.

The fact that he suffers from unknown impairments makes his situation worse.

It is time for the GOP to invest more in this race.

Hopefully, voters will choose wisely.

Photo credit: Twitter video screengrab

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