The GOP needs to abandon passivity and work hard to reach voters

I know some very smart people who also happen to be very busy and turned off by politics and the news media. They simply are not paying attention, and when I tell them things that are going on to destroy our republic they first react in disbelief, then say, “I heard something about that,” and then come around to feeling the way I do as a conservative. They aren’t happy. The problem is, they were not engaged before because they felt they had no say in things anyway. Moreover, they believe that people like me who write articles, participate in election staffing, and are otherwise politically engaged will work it all out. Getting them to take action is still like pulling teeth.

What amazes me is that the Democrats have worked very hard to solve this problem on their side by being active in efforts like Mark Zuckerberg’s Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) election grants. These grants focused on Democrats almost exclusively, and any conservatives that may have benefitted from them were most certainly unintentional.

Image: 2016 yard signs in Illinois by James Stoneking. CC BY-ND 2.0.

Sadly, the Republicans have done nothing of the sort at the grassroots level to change anyone’s mind. Sure, they raised a lot of money for candidates, but yard signs and mailers aren’t going to motivate a change in anyone’s vote. Don’t forget that the GOP does not seem to have done anything productive in the eyes of the moderate or slightly more left moderate voter either. Once again, it appears that the GOP is just hoping the Democrats will hang themselves for us…and it could happen…this time. Right?

The GOP still has some time to motivate itself and get out to the grassroots level and explain to consistent Democrat voters why they should consider voting for conservatives. The only national leader who has motivated anyone on this level is Donald Trump, but the demographic he interests are people who were already looking for someone who speaks and administrates the way he did. There are many more people out there who could be won over if only another national GOP leader would simply step up and promote the same actionable ideas!

Creating a competitor to Twitter or Facebook is nice but reaching the Twitter and Facebook users is what really needs to happen. We can’t do it via those platforms and others, so creating a separate platform like Parlor or Rumble, or even Truth, is not effective. The GOP must get active locally, and if it wants grassroots participation, it needs a leader people to whom people will listen. Until that time, I fear we are just going to get more of the same. That is, voting for someone we don’t want to avoid getting someone in office we really don’t want.

There are plenty of smart people out there on both the Right and Left. The GOP must get smarter about how to reach them.

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