The Democrat party is evolving as a tool of the deep state

Who is in charge of the Democrat party?

Democrat voters?  Supporters of politicians who vow to abolish socioeconomic injustices, but who instead tacitly perpetuate them so they can continue to promise to abolish them, in exchange for continued support at the ballot box.  Voters do not control the Party - they are manipulated by it.

The media?  No.  Devoid of original thought they are the propaganda arm of the Party, promoting the Party narrative to give vent to their own personal grievances.  They merely amplify the Party agenda.

Democrat politicians?  Traditionally probably so, but that appears to be changing.  The Party has evolved, installing an unprincipled, senile president and an incompetent vice president, now touting a senatorial candidate who is patently impaired by post-stroke aphasia, and propping up a senile senior senator from California.  And it has no bright shining stars as potential future leaders.  It appears to be staffing its policy-generating apparatus with puppets.  If they can read the cue cards, they can run for office.

The “Deep State”?  The deep state is a somewhat controversial entity, a reputed cabal of unelected, unaccountable bureaucrats and special interest groups, who occultly steer government policy.  The concept has been recently rekindled by President Trump, and so naturally debunked by the left as disinformation or a conspiracy theory.  But the observed evolution of the Party’s political leadership, as well as the overt behavior of numerous government agencies indicate that a deep state is alive and well, and that it is overwhelmingly leftist. 

The FBI and DOJ relentlessly attack Trump but pass on Hillary and Hunter.  The Department of Education is against school choice and pushes indoctrination.  Homeland Security turns its back on border insecurity.  The Department of Defense is now deeply concerned with diversity and equity. The Department Of Energy is an organ of global warming activists.  The CDC is committed to political rather than natural science.  How has the left become so permanently entrenched in the federal bureaucracy? 

Leftists are innately dissatisfied activists given to group dynamics who turn to the state to implement their agenda, unlike conservatives, who are more inclined to self-determination.  They thus gravitate to positions which offer a bully pulpit and from which they can exert influence on the social fabric - entertainment, the media, education, government service.  Bureaucratic positions are likely to attract leftist applicants who then become permanently entrenched, generating a left-wing echo chamber - known as “the swamp.”

It appears that Democrat voters, the media, and now even Democrat politicians are becoming useful idiots of a deep state which harnesses their respective influences to change America to its liking.

Image: Pixabay / Pixabay License

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