The attack on Paul Pelosi and Democrats' hardball politics

Just yesterday, it was reported that Paul Pelosi, the husband of House speaker Nancy Pelosi, was attacked by a hammer-wielding intruder at their San Francisco residence.

Paul suffered a fractured skull and other injuries but is expected to fully recover.

Police investigating the attack say that a motive had not been fully determined.

But that didn't stop the Democrats and their media lackeys from baselessly claiming that the attack was politically motivated.

President Biden described the attack as "despicable" and denounced a corrosive political climate for contributing to violence.

Messages from across the political spectrum flowed wishing Paul Pelosi a speedy recovery.

Among the well-wishers was Senator Rand Paul.

It has to be remembered that when Senator Paul was assaulted by his neighbor, Christine Pelosi, the daughter of Paul and Nancy Pelosi, approved of the violence over Twitter.

The tweet was removed from Twitter, for violating its rules.

Senator Paul posted a tweet wishing Pelosi a speedy recovery.

He also reminded his followers that Nancy's daughter had once "celebrated" when he was assaulted.

Paul's tweet caught the attention of Rex Chapman.  Who is Chapman?  He had a show on CNN's streaming platform, CNN+.  The show premiered on April 4, 2022 and aired four episodes before the termination of CNN+ on April 28.

Chapman is currently a social media influencer for the far left.

Chapman attacked the Senator calling him a "little b----" for pointing out Christine Pelosi's behavior.

He baselessly claimed that Paul Pelosi's attack was politically motivated and blamed Senator Paul and other Republicans because they don't disavow QAnon and the Proud Boys.  Chapman engaged in victim-blaming, suggesting that Senator Paul deserved to be violently attacked because the senator is a "f------ jerk."

Last month, Chapman ungrammatically cheered on a group of violent protesters who forced Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren and her father to barricade themselves in a back room during a planned campus speech.

Chapman's reaction to Senator Paul provides an insight into the mindset of Democrats.

Chapman didn't acknowledge Senator Paul's gracious wishes.  Instead, he attacked Paul, merely reminding everyone what was factually true.  Chapman is unhinged, and he reveals what's on his mind.

But this is exactly how the Democrats usually think.

They celebrated the passing of conservative legends such as Rush Limbaugh, Lucianne Goldberg, and Justice Antonin Scalia.

The only Republicans to receive tributes from Democrats are the likes of John McCain, who abandoned his base to side with the Democrats and allowed his funeral to become an anti-Trump rally.  This is because the Democrats don't see Republicans as legitimate political opponents or colleagues.  They see them instead as impediments — i.e., without the GOP, they would have owned power.

They also view conservatives as anachronistic bigots and ignoramuses — i.e., inferior beings.

The Democrats have no mercy or moral compass, hence they feel no compunction either perpetrating violence against Republicans or celebrating harm to or death of Republicans.

For the Democrats, politics is the equivalent of war, hence every measure, however morally reprehensible or violent it may be, is fair as long as it enables a power-grab.

There is also a stark difference in attitude.

When the Democrats win elections, they show no mercy in hunting down their political opponents and misusing all the state machinery to do so.

When the Democrats lose elections, they are defiant.  Their narcissism prevents them from accepting the results.  They immediately shift to denial mode and claim that the contest was rigged.  They demand investigations and activate their sleeper cells within the state machinery to do so.  The GOP is often a helpless spectator to this madness.

When Trump won in 2016 and was inaugurated in 2017, the GOP controlled the Senate, the House, and the White House.  Yet the Democrats managed to cause enough noise to secure the appointment of a special counsel to probe phony claims of Trump-Russia collusion.  The probe proceeded for around two years and hung like the sword of Damocles over the Trump administration.  The instability slowed the pace of the implementation of Trump's agenda and possibly cost the GOP the House in 2018.

The Republicans often feel the need to be gracious and inclusive when they win.  They often talk about working with the Democrats.  They refer to Democrats as colleagues.  They are even willing to compromise their agenda for the Democrats.

Yes, part of it is the inducements and luxuries provided by the D.C. Democrat establishment.  But the Republicans often possess this urge to please the Democrats, whom they see as masters, while they readily accept second-class status in D.C.

This is why Republicans, even some MAGA Republicans, join with the Democrats to condemn a remark by President Trump that could be construed as crass or even could brand their own side as terrorists.

The conservative media often display these traits; the NY Post carried a piece blaming Trump for the January 6 violence and even urging him to accept the results of the 2020 elections.

But the Democrats will never condemn the rhetoric of Biden calling MAGA Republicans "semi-fascists" or N.Y. Democrat Sen. Chuck Schumer's vitriolic remarks targeting Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch.

The Democrats will never condemn the miscreants who vandalized Catholic churches and pregnancy centers or the hoodlums who tossed a Molotov cocktail into the offices of a pro-life group. 

So are there any lessons to learn?

Firstly, the GOP must not become the force they despise.

There is no need to emulate immoral, unhinged fanatics such as Rex Chapman and celebrate death. 

There is no need to engage in violence like the Democrats.

But they must always remember while dealing with the Democrats that the Democrats see them as enemies.  The only way to triumph over the enemy is to not concede even an inch of territory.  This means not subscribing to their narrative and not accepting their premises.

It means responding to every attack in a manner exactly the way the attack was done.

They must remember the essence of what Sir Sean Connery told Kevin Costner in The Untouchables.

It means being uncompromising while implementing their agenda and never ever forgetting the past.

The GOP must remember this now, since they are on the cusp of an emphatic victory following the midterms.

The Democrats have violated all that was once considered sacrosanct.

They imposed lockdowns that destroyed their livelihoods.  They mandated vaccines, which caused people to either be rendered unemployed or suffer potential health consequences.  They left the border open to cause peril to citizens due to criminal illegal aliens, drug-smuggling, and human-trafficking.  They demonized the police to enable the crime wave.  They caused inflation and sky-high fuel prices.  They are sending billions to Ukraine while their citizens are suffering.  Joe Biden used his influence as V.P. and perhaps even as president to enrich Hunter Biden and himself.

All of this must be investigated and the guilty should be punished.

The question remains: will the GOP actually act, or will they follow the Bill Barr style of functioning — i.e. say the right things, and engage in heated arguments during hearings and on Fox News, but do very little in terms of action?

We shall know in a few months.

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