Take a look at the size of Joe Biden's carbon footprint

Back in April 2021, three months after being sworn in, Joe Biden  promised  to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50%,  compared to 2005 levels, by the end of 2030.

In July 2022, while launching his $2.3-billion plan to assist the construction of "sustainable" infrastructure, Biden called climate change "literally an existential threat to our nation and to the world."    He also claimed that "the health of our citizens and our communities is at stake."

During his visit to Florida, following Hurricane Ian, Biden claimed that the hurricane  had "ended" the debate on climate change.

On Thursday, Biden  declared that radical changes  are required to "literally save the planet" from climate change.    The Biden administration is even seeking to  phase out  gas-powered cars and  block  all oil and gas drilling on federal lands.

So do his actions match his words?

Obviously not.    He is a Democrat.

The Daily Caller reported that on Friday, a day after his alarmist speech,  Biden burned 3,866 lbs of jet fuel to fly 72 miles  aboard Air Force One  to deliver a speech in Maryland.

According  to Aviation Inside,  Air Force One  burns roughly 5,800 lbs of fuel per hour if the aircraft is traveling at the average speed of 598 miles per hour at 35,000 feet.

According  to the Environmental Protection  Agency's emissions calculator, Air Force One produced CO2 emissions equivalent to driving 13,678 miles in an average gasoline-powered passenger vehicle.

Fox News  reported  in September that  Biden flew Air Force One to Delaware solely to vote in a Democratic primary, emitting  roughly 16,641 lbs of CO2 emissions.

The average cost of travel for Biden is roughly $2,614 per minute.

It's not just Biden.

John Kerry's private jet emitted  325 metric tons of carbon dioxide  since he became Biden's special envoy for climate as he jets around the globe peddling climate paranoia and making empty pledges for clean energy.

Were these trips unavoidable?


Biden could have set an example and ordered his administration to stop their air travels and address all meetings via Zoom calls instead.

If they really believed that the planet is in peril — and not only the planet,  but the lives of our  grandchildren —then these sacrifices would have been worth it.

But they didn't.

The punishing climate regulations are directed only at citizens.

This isn't the only case of hypocrisy from Democrats.

The high priestess of hypocrisy, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez,  is the first female member of the  Democratic Socialists of America  elected to serve in Congress.    She has demanded that the income tax rate be as  high as 70 percent  for the rich, who, she says, must pay their fair share.

Does AOC pay her share of taxes?

The Washington Examiner  revealed the existence of a  New York  State  tax  warrant filed against AOC's defunct business.

On July 6, 2017, New York state filed a tax warrant to collect $1,618 in unpaid corporate taxes from Brook Avenue Press, a children-focused publishing firm that was founded by AOC in 2012.

AOC didn't pay any overdue corporate taxes, causing the current balance of the tax warrant to swell by 52% to $2,461.

AOC even claimed that the warrant was issued "in error" and that she was  contesting the matter.

AOC earns  $174,000 a year  as a House member, so paying $2,461 wouldn't actually drain her savings.   Yet she was reluctant to pay her share in taxes.

Socialists usually despise ostentatious displays and prefer a life of simplicity among the working class.

However, socialist AOC didn't hesitate to attend the  Met  Gala,  where tickets are priced at $35,000 per head.

She attempted to claim that it was for a cause by wearing a gown inscribed with "Tax the Rich,"  while  the creator of the dress  owes thousands to the tax office, too.

AOC didn't care that mere yards from the gala, the NYPD arrested "defund the police" protesters.

Beyond AOC, the Democrats have displayed copious dual standards.

The Democrats are fervent advocates of "defunding the police," which they claim is systemically racist.    The result is that the police force is understaffed in working-class neighborhoods, causing a spike in crime.

However, their own offices in Washington is protected around the clock by the Capitol Police.    They demanded extra police protection after the January 6  protests.

The Democrats support extreme gun control laws for regular citizens, but for themselves, they spend  thousands of tax dollars  on armed bodyguards.

Sometimes. as in the case of Rep. Karen Bass, now running for mayor of Los Angeles, they  keep a stash of guns themselves.

What they are saying is that their lives are  much more valuable than the lives of those who pay their salaries.

California governor Gavin Newsom  banned taxpayer-funded trips to Montana and 21 other states for their "anti-LGBTQ" laws banning male athletes from competing in women's sports and for being pro-life.

However, Newsom  gladly vacationed in scenic  Montana with his family and attempted to hide the vacation from the public to conceal his hypocrisy.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Democrats ordered stringent lockdowns that hurt small businesses and cause unemployment while they had the luxury of working from their luxury homes.

Gov. Newsom, who seems a challenger to AOC in the arena of hypocrisy, was  photographed  dining maskless with friends at a plush restaurant, flouting the safety protocols that he imposed on citizens.  

The Democrats ordered mask mandates but were seen  "maskless" in public on several  occasions.   The Democrats opposed Trump's border wall  but demanded a barricade in Washington, D.C after the January 6  protests, and  their personal properties are surrounded by imposing walls.

The Democrats are advocates for open borders, but only when the migrants arrive to be settled in working-class neighborhoods.    They do not care that working-class citizens could suffer wage reduction, job loss, infrastructural facilities overrun, a rise in crime, and erosion of culture.

If these migrants are ever transported to their neighborhoods, they summon the  National Guard and evict them  immediately.

The Democrats claim to be feminists but support sexual predators such as  Harvey Weinstein and  Jeffrey Epstein.    Democrats are often  abusers  and  sexual predators  themselves.

The Democrats claim to be protectors of African-Americans, but when an African-American challenges them on their record, they behave like slave-owners who are livid that  their slaves dared to question their master.   The Democrats display a similar racist mindset  toward Hispanics.

The Democrats claim that questioning the outcome of elections is anti-democratic, yet it was they who  pioneered this tradition of election denialism.

This is a record of blatant hypocrisy over a prolonged period of time.

There is a chasm of difference between what the Democrats believe, what the Democrats say, what the Democrats mean, and what the Democrats do.

The Democrats have one standard for citizens that usually imposes hardships on the citizens and places their lives in peril.

The Democrats have another standard for themselves, which enables a life of luxury, living in sea-facing properties, traveling via private jet, doing their best to dodge taxes, and palling around with sexual predators as long as they benefit.

They know that their allies in the media will never expose their dual standards.

It is up to the GOP to persuasively remind citizens of these barefaced liberal dual standards and obliterate the Democrats during the midterms.

Image:  RawPixel,  CC0 public domain.

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