Stacey Abrams heads into Round 2 with Governor Kemp

When Yogi Berra said, "It feels like déjà vu all over again," he summed up Georgia's 2022 governor's race.  In 2018, it was Brian Kemp versus Stacey Abrams, and in 2022, it's the same all over again...or is it?

Actually, it's not the same, because we now have the last four years of Kemp's record as governor to compare to the past four years of Abrams's verbose montages of complaints, whines, and gripes.

It's ironic that President Trump has been silenced by media and Big Tech, claiming he's an election-denier because he refused to accept the outcome of the 2020 election, while Abrams, for the past four years, claims she, not Kemp, won the 2018 Georgia governor's election.  Just last week, she again claimed voter suppression despite record turnouts for Georgia's early voting.  Stacey has parlayed her election loss, election denial, and claims of voter suppression into national celebrity status and is fully supported by those who silenced Trump for the same claim.

After watching last week's debate between Gov. Kemp and Stacey Abrams, it's obvious that Abrams is a one-trick pony consisting of abortion, abortion...oh, and racism.  Sure, she talks other issues — gun control (she favors), cashless bail (she favors), defund the police (she favors), and huge government spending (she favors), but abortion is her default position.

To be fair, all Dems default to abortion.  Why?  Because they have nothing else.  Last month, non-doctor Abrams said, "There is no such thing as a heartbeat at six weeks.  It's a manufactured sound designed to convince people that men have the right to control a woman's body."  Hey, Stacey: According to Mount Sinai Hospital, at six weeks, "a baby's heart beats at a regular rhythm."

Then, when asked by MSNBC about rising costs of food, gas, and housing due to Biden's policies (yes, I was surprised that MSNBC actually asked her a tough question), Abrams stated, "Having children is why you're worried about the price of gas and the price of food" and then went on to explain that aborting a child will help battle inflation.  She really is as stupid...excuse me, as unintelligent as she appears.

The best campaign ad that Gov. Kemp could run would be to compare the COVID policies of blue states (ruled by Dems) to Georgia's.  With Kemp's victory in 2018, Georgia was spared many of the left's idiotic "flatten the curve" COVID restrictions.  At the end of April 2020, Kemp made Georgia the first state to re-open.  He re-opened schools (Abrams loudly criticized him) and re-opened businesses (again, criticized by Abrams).  Compared to other states, Georgia's economy recovered quickly, such that the state now has a $6.6-billion surplus — an amount Abrams has criticized.  Gov. Kemp rightfully pointed out that keeping Georgia open allowed the state to build that surplus.  Had Abrams been governor, her "pandemic politics" would have kept the state locked down à la California, Michigan, etc. 

Having been in the military, I know the difficulty of making life-and-death decisions knowing that you have incomplete information — yet you must quickly decide anyway.  That was Brian Kemp's exact position back in the spring of 2020.  Knowing very little about COVID, do you keep Georgia's economy intact or go along with Fauci, the media, the Dems, and all the other leftists (to include Stacey) and destroy the economy by keeping it locked down?  Kemp chose the path of freedom, not tyranny. 

Governor Kemp markets his conservative values and conservative message in a way that everyone understands.  For example, during the pandemic, he allowed you, not the government, to decide what COVID policies to follow, such that when my sister visited Georgia (from North Carolina) in November 2020, she commented that Georgia is a "free state" (implying that N.C. wasn't.)  Then, in March 2022, to help with the high energy prices, Kemp suspended the gas tax, giving Georgia some of the least expensive gas in the nation.

Under Kemp's leadership, and given the state's Republican majority, Georgia's October 2022 unemployment rate is 2.8%, an all-time low.  Georgia has the nation's lowest black unemployment rate.  And for an unprecedented nine years, Area Development magazine named Georgia the #1 state for business.

When the state Legislature returns in January, Kemp plans to give surplus funds back to taxpayers as a tax refund and enact property tax relief to ease rising real estate appraisals.

Kemp is a strong law-enforcement, law-and-order advocate.  And because of it, he's supported by over 100 county sheriffs, both Repubs and Dems.  (Stacey refused to answer if any sheriffs supported her.) 

If any Georgian still has questions about whom to vote for, Brian Kemp thinks Georgia is the best state in the nation, while Stacey Abrams said of Georgia, "I'm tired of hearing how we're the best state in the country to do business when we are the worst state in the country to live."  Why would anyone vote for Abrams when, in her own words, she hates Georgia?  Be smart: vote for and re-elect Governor Brian Kemp.

Image: Barbara Jordan Forum 2012 via Flickr.

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