Someone at the Justice Department doesn't know what 'justice' is

Ever wondered who on Earth was behind the lunatic shows of force behind the recent arrests of dozens of pro-life activists, on draconian charges with great shows of police force?

Wonder no longer.  The Daily Signal has managed to find who was behind it: a "civil rights" lawyer ensconced at the Department of Justice named Kristen Clarke.

Kristen Clarke, assistant attorney general for civil rights at the Department of Justice, is a vocal abortion proponent who has repeatedly expressed her support for preserving Roe v. Wade. She also oversees investigations into violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act — which she has used to charge 26 pro-life individuals this year.

"It appears she's violating her oath of office and she's violating her duty, which is to fairly administer the law regardless of political views," John Daukas, former acting assistant attorney general for civil rights in the Trump administration, told The Daily Signal. "She appears only to be prosecuting groups that she doesn't like, doesn't agree with."

The corollary injustice here is that not a single bomber of clinics, nor assailant of churches, which are pro-life, has been targeted for any sort of justice.  It's all OK with her; she uses her public office to prosecute only people whose views she abhors.  So much for "public service."  She's a pawn of leftist service, a Robespierre of far-left revolutionary zeal who has grotesquely politicized justice for her own causes, sent out her FBI agents like flying monkeys, and come down in the harshest of terms against dissidents, on trumped-up, minor, and very old charges that state enforcers have thrown out.

Such as this guy:

Mark Houck, the founder and co-president of The King's Men, a men's ministry, faces federal assault charges stemming from an altercation with a Planned Parenthood escort outside a Philadelphia abortion clinic nearly a year ago.

Houck, who regularly prays the rosary outside the clinic, maintains he was defending his 12-year-old son from the escort's verbal harassment, a family spokesman, Brian Middleton, told CNA on Sunday. The man fell when Houck pushed him away, Middleton said.

It has since come to light that the "escort" has a history of arrests for drug and disorderly conduct.

I wrote about that travesty of justice here.  There's also this onethis onethis one, and this one, plus more than a dozen others, according to the Daily Signal report.

Meanwhile, satanic and other kinds of vandalistic attacks on churches go on their merry way, with nobody arrested, let alone punished.  The FBI, which is so proud of its guns-drawn SWAT team approach to pro-life activist Mark Houck on civil rights charges regarding a years-old event the state prosecutors thought was so flimsy that they wouldn't touch it, somehow says it can't say anything about whether any of these bona fide violators of the First Amendment right to free practice of faith and religion are ever going to get charged.

Clarke's job is civil rights, and she doesn't care about that civil right.  She's "out for blood" and has "weaponized" the Department of Justice in the name of the abortion agenda, as one former Trump official described what is happening recently.  She calls crisis pregnancy centers, which have since been firebombed, "predatory" and other epithets.

Significantly (in light of the scores of recent attacks on pro-life centers following the Roe v. Wade leak), Clarke called pro-life pregnancy care centers "predatory" and "fake clinics," claiming they are part of a "coordinated strategy to tear down Roe" (as The Washington Free Beacon's Chuck Ross reported).

And of course, nobody is getting prosecuted for those dangerous and costly crimes on her watch.

Somebody's overdue for a firing for incompetence at the Department of Justice.  Clarke has no idea what justice is and is unable to distinguish it from her own political views.  She also has no sense of being a representative of a country; she's a representative of leftwingery and its agenda.  Obviously, she's overdue for impeachment and needs to be removed from office.  Anyone with judgment that bad is unfit for any sort of national office.  When Republicans retake Congress early next year, getting rid of this rabid ignoramus should be item one on the agenda.

Image: Screen shot from PBS video via YouTube.

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