Signs accumulating that Dems want to ease Biden out

A corner seems to have been turned, with Democrats and their media mouthpieces more and more openly realizing that Biden’s dementia is a problem. Perhaps it was his leaking via bigmouth racial demagogue Al Sharpton that he plans to run for re-election in 2024, which would be a disaster. His miserable track record as incumbent is bad enough, while his inability to handle himself in public speaking engagements has worsened. The now-infamous “Where’s Jackie” incident can’t be dismissed as a slip of the tongue.

He literally lost track of the fact of the death of a Congresswoman whose death he had publicly mourned. That’s Where’s Poppa derangement territory.

 With Covid no longer an excuse for hiding in the basement (something an incumbent president can’t really do, anyway), they know that the campaign could sink not only their chances for the Oval Office but could drive even more Democrats out of Congress.

Paul Bedard of the Washington Examiner picked up on a key finding in the latest Issues & Answers/TIPP poll:

In just two months, worries about the nearly 80-year-old’s mental state have jumped from 59% to 64% in the latest Issues & Insights/TIPP poll.

And, shockingly, most of the increase has come from Democrats.

“Virtually all of October’s gain came from Democrats, who went from just 39% expressing ‘concern’ over Biden’s mental health in August, a high number in itself, to 52% in the latest poll. Let that sink in: A majority of Democrats now also think Biden possibly has mental health issues,” said the survey analysis.

The findings could reinforce reports that some leaders in the Democratic Party are hopeful that Biden will step aside and not run for reelection, though they have no obvious replacement. Vice President Kamala Harris remains down in approval polls, and the choice for many Democrats, former first lady Michelle Obama, has ruled out a run.

Yesterday, The New York Times took notice of Biden’s tendency to lie in an article titled, “Biden, Storyteller in Chief, Spins Yarns That Often Unravel.”

The exaggerated biography that Mr. Biden tells includes having been a fierce civil rights activist who was repeatedly arrested. He has claimed to have been an award-winning student who earned three degrees. And last week, speaking on the hurricane-devastated island of Puerto Rico, he said he had been “raised in the Puerto Rican community at home, politically.”

For more than four decades, Mr. Biden has embraced storytelling as a way of connecting with his audience, often emphasizing the truth of his account by adding, “Not a joke!” in the middle of a story. But Mr. Biden’s folksiness can veer into folklore, with dates that don’t quite add up and details that are exaggerated or wrong, the factual edges shaved off to make them more powerful for audiences.

The Times was being gentle, using terminology like “yarns” and “folklore,” but the message is clearly a warning to him and the advisors who do his thinking for him… as well as to potential challengers to Biden. If Biden really does run, the Times will give plenty of attention to critiques of his performance coming from donkeys.

Of course, the Times being the Times, they left out the really important lies that Biden has told, as pointed out to me in an email from David Kahn:

He’s lied by saying that he never talked to Hunter about his business with with foreign companies or agents or had anything to do with them

He lied when he said  hunters emails were Russian disinformation.

He lied when he said that he hadn’t been advised to keep more troops in place in Afghanistan by his military advisers who admitted that they had so advised him

He lied when he said we’d stay in Afghanistan until we got every American and every Afghan who helped us out

He lied when he said we had to leave Afghanistan by the end of August because we couldn’t risk the lives of any more soldiers when in fact we left so he could take a victory lap on September 11.

He lied During the campaign when he said he’d bring the country together. But starting with his inauguration speech he claimed a great many of us were racists and the biggest problem that the country had was white supremacy. He never intended to bring us together

He lied when he said the bill titled anti-inflation was about lowering inflation

I am pretty sure that Biden’s puppet masters (I have begun thinking of them as the “Central Committee”) realize that much harder-hitting criticism from elite media lies ahead if Biden doesn’t voluntarily give up the quest for a second term.

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