Shockwave: Zeldin now tops Hochul in poll for New York governor

Who says blue states can't go red?

A new poll from co/efficient shows that Republican Lee Zeldin is now leading Democrat incumbent Kathy Hochul for New York governor.

According to Breitbart News:

The co/efficient poll found that 45.6 percent of likely New York voters support Zeldin, just ahead of Hochul’s 45.3 percent. This pollster is the same pollster that predicted Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s (R-VA) victory over Democrat Terry McAuliffe last year.

 The result is a shock to leftist, but it's on-trend, in terms of the red wave building for the midterms, and in terms of Zeldin's already rising numbers. The trend has now crested above the Democrats, and for the first time in years, a Republican is now leading.

That's got to come as a cold dunking for Democrats who for years have taken victory in the gubernatorial races for granted, to the extent that they could put a pervy ogre like Andrew Cuomo, a man who is so unpleasant he is said to have no friends and was once called by his own aides the man made for social distancing, into the governor's chair, and always get away with it.

Apparently, that's no longer. The ogre they put into place to succeed the disgraced Cuomo is every bit as awful as Cuomo in terms of her hostility to the police, her advocacy of bail reform, abortion, the transgender agenda, forced vaccines, COVID lockdowns, the demonization of parents speaking out at school board meetings and a host of other things baleful and repellant to voters. They didn't care if voters didn't like what was on the menu, and really didn't like a mean karen out there shoving it down their throats.

Now they're looking at defeat if the trends continue and New Yorkers can be wise to any bid to cheat.

According to Breitbart, citing the New York Post, the ongoing national trends are smacking these arrogant New York Democrats upside the head:

“The race has been tightening over the last few weeks and it appears that it is now a dead heat,” Munce told the New York Post. “The shift has been led by predominantly white and Hispanic registered Democrats defecting to support Zeldin, the Republican candidate.”

Additionally, the poll found that Zeldin has a higher favorability rating than Hochul, whose favorability numbers are lower than President Joe Biden’s.

 In contrast to the nasty, scowling, crotchety, and supercilious Hochul, Zeldin has come out as a good candidate -- taking the abortion issue off the table by saying he'd keep everything as it is, which seems prudent in a place like New York, vowing to clean up the out-of-control crime situation, including ending the truly grotesque 'no cash bail' law which has set criminals free, and showing grace and leadership in the face of an actual assassin who made an attempt on his life. He's campaigned with faith and done the legwork. 

Now the results are creeping in and sure enough, the red wave is so strong it's reached the shores of New York. The New York Post is covering the story which could impact the fate of their state. The New York Times, surprise, surprise, is not. That tells us something about how unpleasant this news is to them.

That's apparently all it takes, and now we see Zeldin in the lead and New York about to save itself from total blue-state destruction. 

Here's another thing that may make it more likely: New York voters are a practical bunch and have managed to pull themselves back from the brink in the recent past. The memory among some of them is still there. They did elect George Pataki governor in 1995 to demand some results, but the really telling incident was in 1993 when they elected Rudolph Giuliani mayor of New York City. The result was instant transformation, night and day, the revitalization and crime eradication of all New York City and the big economic boom for the city that followed. New York became great again. Things became so safe in New York anyone could walk around the streets of the South Bronx at 3:00 a.m. and nothing would ever happen. I know that because I did it.

It is telling that Latinos and independents are behind this shift. If Latinos even in New York (you know -- "live like Episcopaliansvote like Puerto Ricans" as the local saying goes about other ethnic groups) are moving to the Trump side of things, there've got to be very deep currents of political change going on throughout the country. 

Anything could happen of course in politics, maybe some sort of incident makes the voters reverse course and go back into their same-old blue shell, or the cheating is too intense, which happened in the last New Jersey governor's race.

But right now, something does seem to be happening, changing, and the Democrat wokesters are about to get a wakeup call. The Latino and independent voters have had enough. Now the red wave is coming and one can only hope it spreads thoughout New York in time to save it.

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