Proof that Critical Race Theory is being taught in schools

Across the nation, war rages between parents who charge that schools are teaching their children race-based Marxist Critical Race Theory and school boards and educators who deny their accusations. 

Finally, we have definitive proof that students actually are being taught these dangerously divisive concepts.

The Manhattan Institute for Policy Research, a New York  City–based free-market think-tank, commissioned a study of a national sample of 1,505 18- to 20-year-olds who were still in high school or had just graduated.  (Of these, 82.4% reported attending public schools.)

The participants were asked whether they had ever been taught in class, or heard from an adult at school, these following six concepts, of which four are central to Critical Race Theory.  The percentages are those who answered "yes."

1. America is a systemically racist country.  (62%)

2. In America, white people have white privilege.  (69%)

3. In America, white people have biases that negatively affect non-white people.  (57%)

4. America is built on stolen land.  (67%)

5. America is a patriarchal society.  (53%)

6. Gender is an identity choice, regardless of the biological sex you were born into.  (51%)

The participants were also asked if they were ever taught the following  gender concepts in high school, college, or other educational settings (excludes those who "didn't know").  The percentages are those who answered "yes."

7. Discrimination is the main reason for differences in wealth or other outcomes between races or genders.  (62%)

8. There are many genders, not just male and female.  (33%)

The survey went farther and compared those who had some college with those who had not attended college (includes those who didn't know if they were ever taught).

7. Discrimination is the main reason for differences in wealth or other outcomes between races or genders.  (Some college 58%; No college 50%)

8. There are many genders, not just male and female.  (Some college 26%; No college 25%)

When asked if they were taught opposing arguments, 68% of the students answered that they were either not taught opposing arguments or taught there are no "respectable" opposing arguments.  There was no significant variance by race, political orientation, or high school type.  Even private and parochial schools were found to be teaching Critical Race Theory concepts.

The data show that those who are taught CRT-related concepts are more likely to support them, blame whites for racial inequality, and support race-based policies.  Whites exhibit higher levels of white guilt.

Already a majority of Millennials favor socialism or communism.  America cannot survive losing another  generation to a far left-wing ideology.  If we expect to return to our founding principles and to be a nation of free people, we must  — absolutely must — remove students from all schools that teach Marxist ideology and Queer Theory.

Image: JMacPherson via Flickr, CC BY 2.0.

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