One more insult to add on to the Jan. 6 junk pile

Pelosi's rogue Jan. 6 panel has added to its previous illegitimate actions, violating the terms of the House resolution establishing the committee, by issuing a subpoena to former president Trump.  If this wayward action by this rabid, partisan committee is upheld by the courts, we shall have an unconstitutional amendment to the Constitution providing for parliamentary government, with the president answerable to Congress.  Erased by congressional fiat, supported by the Judiciary, will be the important concept of separation of powers established by the Founding Fathers.

Clearly, the courts must act with prudential speed to put a halt to Pelosi's assault on the Constitution — if the Judiciary is to honor its oath to support, uphold, and defend the Constitution of the United States.  And the Republican members of House and Senate must rise in solidarity to declare their opposition to the rogue nature of Pelosi's puppet panel, comprising its violation of the terms of House Res. 503, the committee's organizing resolution, as well as the blatant disregard of the principle of separation of powers, a key building block of the Constitution.

Systemic hatred of Donald J. Trump is no excuse for tearing down the Constitution and erecting a Potemkin governmental compact in its place, a compact that varies with the whims and prejudices of the leaders of the Democrat party.

That our Constitution is under assault by Stalinists has been made evident by the recent disclosure that the FBI was prepared to pay Christopher Steele one million dollars for his dossier smearing Donald Trump.  Had the FBI a legitimate purpose in getting hold of Steele's obvious forgery, the July raid on Mar-a-Lago suggests that the purpose could have been achieved by a subpoena for Steele and an FBI raiding party at his residence.

That the FBI was prepared, however, to help elect Hillary Clinton president by paying Steele for his partisan document makes clear that not only was the FBI acting in support of the Clinton presidential campaign, but it was willing to kick over the traces and use taxpayer money to elect Clinton president.  As matters developed, while the FBI did not hand over a million bucks of taxpayer funds to Steele, it did reimburse him with taxpayer dollars for his "expenses."  Such payment was clearly illegal.

In the event of winning majorities in House and Senate, November 8, the Republicans in Congress — if they are to be taken seriously as a valid political party representing the views of the voters — must issue a resolution on January 3, 2023 declaring null and void all actions taken by the Pelosi's illegitimate Jan. 6 committee, including all subpoenas that issued from this unconstitutional panel.  And House and Senate Republicans must direct the Judiciary Committees of Congress to act immediately to investigate the Department of Justice, and the FBI, unlawfully politicizing their governmental responsibilities to the detriment of the Constitution, thereby causing notorious damage to the American Spirit of Freedom.

To paraphrase a vital observation stated in Federalist Paper No. 57, if a Republican majority in Congress fails to nullify the unconstitutional actions taken by the FBI and Jan. 6 panel, the GOP will be prepared to tolerate any action taken by the Stalinists in derogation of the Constitution and, thereby, violate their own oath to support, uphold and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

Image: Gage Skidmore via Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0.

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