Obama struggles to make a case for the Democrats

Just yesterday, the de facto leader of the Democrat party, Barack Obama, participated in a rally in Milwaukee.

Obama does this every two years — he dresses up like a regular man.  He rolls up his sleeves and perspires slightly as he addresses campaign rallies.

Let's examine the many claims Obama made during his rally.

Obama claimed that if the GOP wins, Republicans will dedicate their tenure to investigating and impeaching Joe Biden.  He added that the investigations of Biden weren't going to help regular people pay their bills and find employment.

Perhaps Obama forgot that since President Trump was inaugurated in 2017, the Democrats have dedicated themselves to gratuitous probes.

They floated and amplified the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy theory that caused the appointment of the partisan probe led by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

They impeached President Trump, not once, but twice, without any grounds.  They set up the January 6 Committee that exists to persecute President Trump.

The FBI raided Trump's private residence without making the objective or outcome clear.

It has also become common practice for agencies to conduct raidsarrest, seize phones and computers, and intimidate Trump's allies and media figures seen to be sympathetic to Trump.

None of this helped citizens in any manner, yet the Democrats did it anyway.

What about impeaching Biden?

Biden violated his oath of office by not enforcing the law at the border.  This and many other instances present legitimate grounds for impeachment.

Beyond impeachment, Biden's rapidly declining cognitive abilities make him unfit to be president.

What have the Democrats done to help people pay their bills?

When Biden was inaugurated, Trump left him with an inflation rate of just around 1.6%.

Now the inflation is at 8.5%, which is the worst in 40 years.

The price of essential food items such as meat, fish, poultry, and eggs is up by 12.2%, while the price of bread and cereal is up by 6.8%. 

The price of gasoline is high all over the country at an average per gallon of $3.761.  In California, it is $5.58.  When Biden was inaugurated, Trump gifted him with fuel prices of $2.40.

In response to crippling inflation, Biden pushed for the Inflation Reduction Act, a big spending plan that advances the radical green agenda, which will do little to curb inflation.

None of the Biden-backed initiatives such as the infrastructure bill or his climate initiative or pardoning student loans will reduce people's suffering.  In fact, wasteful spending will worsen inflation. 

What about jobs?

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Democrats advocated lockdowns that affected businesses big and small.  Some had to shut down, while others had to downsize, which resulted in unemployment.  The Democrats supported vaccine mandates, which once again rendered people unemployed.  The soft economy caused by Biden's misgovernance could cause further unemployment.

Obama also talked about public safety and engaged in fear-mongering, claiming that Republicans want to flood the streets with more guns and that the GOP voted against more resources for police departments.

So how have the Democrats done in keeping citizens safe?

Since Biden took office, an astounding 5.5 million illegal migrants have crossed the southern border.  The migrants who are apprehended are clandestinely flown via night flights to other states.  Besides occupying infrastructure, the danger is that some of these unvetted migrants could be violent criminals.

A U.S. Department of Defense whistleblower report revealed that 324 individuals evacuated from Afghanistan and welcomed into the U.S. have appeared on the terror watchlist.

The crime wave continues to harm regular citizens.  The Democrats' demonization of the police via movements to "defund the police" has made it worse.

Biden's "gun safety" red flag laws allowed instant confiscation of guns on mere suspicion of intended wrongdoing.  Such weapons are the only affordable means of self-defense for regular people.

All of this has made the lives of citizens unsafe.

The open border also allows the smuggling of illicit drugs, which has caused the fentanyl crisis.  In 2021, nearly 71,000 died from fentanyl overdoses, while in 2022, the death toll was 75,000 individuals.

Obama also claimed that Republicans are focused on "owning liberals."

The probes that the Democrats are leading and the conspiracy theories floated by Democrat proxies in the media are doing exactly that: attempting to own Trump and Republicans.

Obama talked about the importance of democracy and respecting the public mandate after elections.

Obama probably forgot about Biden's viciously anti-democratic rhetoric, where he called MAGA Republicans "semi-fascist" and "the most extreme political organization" in recent American history.  Biden even said he doesn't respect MAGA-supporters. 

Obama probably forgot that many Democrats didn't respect the outcome of the 2016 elections and called Trump an illegitimate president.

Since he was in Wisconsin, he also commented on the local races.

Obama claimed that Ron Johnson's children bought their own three private planes.

This was the "Republicans are rich and insensitive" talking point.

Perhaps Obama forgot that his own estimated net worth is $70 million and that he owns multiple homes in plush neighborhoods, which could also be considered excessive.

Before becoming a senator, Ron Johnson was CEO of the plastics company Pacur, LLC.  This is what enabled him to become a millionaire.  Obama got rich from his career in public service.

Obama claimed that Ron Johnson wants to cuts to Social Security, in a naked ploy to scare seniors.

Sen. Johnson has said that Social Security and Medicare are two essential programs that need to be protected and their long-term viability guaranteed for generations to come.

Obama also attempted to attack Republicans for wanting lower taxes.

Perhaps Obama forgot that Trump's tax cuts caused the economy to boom and facilitated prosperity across the U.S.

If Obama is so keen on high taxes, he can be the change he wants to see by donating his wealth to various government institutions.

Obama baselessly claimed that the attack on Paul Pelosi was politically motivated, despite the authorities who are investigating not stating any motive.

Overall, Obama hasn't suffered and will not suffer due to Democrat misgovernance.

Obama is wealthy, and Obama won't suffer due to inflation. 

Obama won't suffer due to the crime wave or gun confiscation laws or defunding the police.  He lives with his family in gated communities in affluent localities and is always protected by armed bodyguards.

Obama won't suffer due to the influx of illegal migrants.  In fact, when the illegal migrants were transported to Martha's Vineyard, the Obamas, who, by their own estimation, are brimming with humane compassion, were nowhere to be seen.

Despite having access to speechwriters and strategists, Obama's presentation at the rally was uninspired and replete with Democrat clichés.

Intermittently on display was Obama's characteristic stammer, which, back in 2014, was the subject of an article in the L.A. Times, amid fits of anger.

Obama accused his opponents of the acts that the Democrats are doing.

Obama's speech was another reminder of the arrogance, hypocrisy, mendacity, and snobbery of the Democrats.

Champagne socialists such as Obama are among the few groups that will always support the Democrats.  The likes of Obama have amassed considerable power and wealth due to the D.C. Democrat establishment.  Hence, they want the system to continue.

Obama unknowingly made a strong case for why the Democrats deserve to be voted out a week from now.

Image: Twitter video screen shot.

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