NYC makes it clear where Blacks rank in the intersectional hierarchy

Now that New York City is becoming a border state, thanks to incoming shipments of illegal aliens from the geographic border states, the city’s mayor, Eric Adams, has gotten his act together and put out the welcome mat for people who have no right to be here in the first place. The city’s existing homeless, with special emphasis on homeless Blacks, have noticed that there’s a gaping chasm between the quality of existing homeless shelters and the ones for the newbies—and the native New Yorkers are getting the short end of the stick.

One of the insults that leftists love to hurl at conservatives is that, because they oppose an open border, they are White supremacists espousing the nefarious “replacement theory”—that is, the theory that Democrats are bringing in illegal aliens to replace White Americans who have an appalling (to Democrats) habit of voting for Republicans.  

Of course, as J.D. Vance rightly says in the video below, believing in a secure border does not make one a racist. However, Democrats understand that the charge constitutes a powerful attack against conservatives because it reinforces for all non-Whites in America that Whites are irredeemably racist. That’s a defamatory canard, but it’s got legs.

This story out of New York City, however, tells us what the real “replacement” is: American Blacks are being replaced as the Democrats’ new favorite minority—illegal aliens. Just look at the difference in treatment accorded the city’s existing homeless, a disproportionate majority of whom are Black (Blacks account for more than 57% percent of the homeless, even as they make up only 20% of the city’s population):

Blacks have long provided reliable Democrat votes, but they’re a fractious demographic that’s growing hard to control. Increasing numbers are beginning to realize that the Democrat party has been using them just as surely as it used them in antebellum days. In the past, they provided chattel labor; now, they provide votes. In return for either, they got and get nothing. Thanks to Democrat policies, Blacks continue to live in slums, fail in schools, and lag in every metric of success.

Democrats are still hanging tightly onto Blacks, even as they encourage them to abort themselves into non-existence. That these abortions mean Black demographics are flatlined is irrelevant to Democrats in the long term because, as the above video graphically illustrates, Democrats are replacing Blacks with Hispanics. More than that, they’re replacing them with illegally arriving Hispanics who will feel a debt of gratitude towards Democrats, something that Hispanics with deeper roots in America are losing.

In other words, if you want a replacement theory, you only have to look at what the Democrats are doing to American Blacks.

Image: Illegal alien shelter in New York City. YouTube screen grab.

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