Migrants: A Billion More Are Waiting in the Wings

Every night on the news we see another thousand people wading or walking across our southern border. Every night I find myself wondering “How many more can there be?” Every night I remember that this crucially important question has already been answered.

On October 23, 2018, Prof. Dr. Gunnar Heinsohn (U. of Bremen, retired) was the keynote speaker at a NATO Joint Warfare Conference in Stavanger, Norway. Heinsohn’s topic: “Security Implications of Changing Demographic Trends.”

The charts and graphs in Heinsohn’s PowerPoint presentation tell a startling story. In 1950, the combined population of sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, North Africa, Latin America, the Caribbean, and southern and southeastern Asia was about 1.117 billion. By 2018, this number had more than quadrupled to 4.773 billion, with 938 million seeking to either cross the Rio Grande or emigrate someplace else for a better chance in life and a higher standard of living.

Projections for the next quarter century, Heinsohn noted, are even more disquieting. By 2050, which is roughly one generation into the future, the population of those impoverished regions will have grown to 6.77 billion, with 1.34 billion who have either moved to another country or are planning to do so. And that number, by the way, is a conservative estimate. It assumes that the desire to emigrate, polled globally which Gallup polled in 2017, will not increase in the years ahead.

Image: Illegal aliens crossing the Rio Grande (cropped). YouTube screen grab.

These calculations, of course, were made before Joe Biden and the Democrat party decided to open America’s southern border to the world. What effect this radical policy change will have on the number of migrants entering the United States in years and decades to come is unknown. It’s safe to predict, however, that the already scary emigration statistics will only get scarier.

According to the National Center for Health, the US currently has a population of about 335 million, with a birth rate that has been consistently below replacement level since 2007. Do the demographic data indicate that, by 2050, the US will have more than one billion new residents, with a ratio of one English-speaking American citizen to three or four new non-English-speaking asylum-seekers? If so, to whose advantage is such a dramatic and disturbing change?

The pro-abortion movement apparently believes the world is now over-populated. Why, then, are they working hard to encourage floods of mostly unskilled migrants to America and Europe? The US has already reached the goal of population stability. Some European countries now have birth rates that are far below replacement level. What is to be gained by jacking up the population numbers in countries where New World Order demographics are already the order of the day?

These are the things I worry about as I watch televised migrants navigate the Rio Grande. I don’t blame them for wanting a better life, but what, I wonder, do they worry about?

Do they know, for example, that they’re being used as fodder for political cannoneers, or as dupes for coyotes, cartels, and paid agents of the Democrat party? Do migrants really want to live in a land awash in killer drugs, a pathetic country that won’t even defend its borders? No, I’m sure they don’t, any more than they want to live in houses where the door can’t be closed, or in cities where felons are freed by prosecutors who have become de facto criminals themselves.

Do migrants have second thoughts about being shuffled around in an America that allows unvaccinated lawbreakers to cross its borders while, simultaneously, screaming bloody murder about the overwhelming importance of vaccines? Until a few days ago I couldn’t even get into Trinity Church in New York City without a mask and proof of vaccination. The woke clergy of this historic institution still won’t allow you on a religious retreat unless you meet their health standards. And yet, they welcome unmasked migrants into America unjabbed.

Do border crossers ponder the hidden motives of the elite puppeteers who pull the strings of America’s senescent president? Do migrants worry that they are being admitted into the U.S. simply to get them within needle range of the frenzied El Norte inoculators, who forcefully peddle a potentially fatal concoction with unknown long-term effects?

Are these hope-filled illegals aware of widespread speculation that they’re just imported voters who are expected to swing elections for the left in battleground states? And if they should fail to carry out this Woke political mission, will they cheerfully consent to having their citizenship powers overridden by the further importation of the billion or so emigrant replacements who, Gunnar Heinsohn warned NATO, are waiting in the wings?

Sooner or later the Rio Grande migrants will figure out that they were encouraged to break U.S. immigration law by a law-breaking administration, a cynical regime that deliberately allowed American cities to sink into crime and despair, and a crooked government that was always on the lookout for excuses to shut down schools, lock down communities, fabricate elections, and turn Antifa loose.

It’s what the new Americans do next that will determine our country’s fate.

Hallie Smith, a pseudonym, is a writer who lives in New York.

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