Media Matters and other Democrats caught spewing disinformation about GOP agenda once it retakes Congress

Paranoia and fearmongering -- you can just smell it among the Democrats and their boosters.

Today they got caught putting out bare naked disinformation about Republican plans for the country once they win the midterm election. They claimed Republicans were going to steal grandma's Social Security check and tax veterans benefits, among other unpopular ideas no credible party would ever endorse.

These Democrats know they're slip-sliding away, you can see it even in the governors' races now, so the idea now is to scare the voters into voting for the Democrat status quo instead of embrace a new party.

One problem: It's not a distortion of the Republican plans, it's actual lies, complete with phony letterhead.

Even the Associated Press (and Reutersnoticed the problem:

CLAIM: An image shows the House Republicans’ Commitment to America” plan, including raising the eligibility age for Medicare from 65 to 75 and making retirees with pensions, 401(k)s or disabled veterans’ benefits ineligible for Social Security payments.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: False. The image shows policies that don’t match the language in House Republicans’ actual plan. While Republicans lawmakers have suggested raising the age for Medicare, the Commitment to America does not give a specific age, and there is no evidence of lawmakers proposing other policies as worded in the graphic.

THE FACTS: With the midterm elections just weeks away, social media users are sharing a misleading graphic claiming to outline House Republicans’ policy plan.

The image shows a logo reading “Commitment to America” that matches branding on House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy’s website for the House GOP’s 2022 agenda. “Entitlements are bankrupting our country and the future of our children,” reads the image. “Republicans are the only Party with a plan to address our fiscal crisis and commit to the following if you give us the majority in November.”

The image goes on to list several policies: making retirees “who have pension, IRAs, 401Ks, disabled veteran benefits” ineligible for Social Security; raising the age of Medicare eligibility to 75; and taxing “disabled veterans benefits” and employer-sponsored health care plans.

“Why would anyone vote Republican. You really have to be dumber than Herschel to vote for Herschel,” reads a tweet that shared the image, referencing Georgia Senate candidate Herschel Walker. The tweet, posted Thursday, gained more than 3,000 likes.

The graphic has been circulating since at least Oct. 15. But its contents do not match the policies and goals outlined in the Commitment to America agenda.

Well, yeah. And the phony tweet is still circulating on Twitter, which has shut down the accounts of people it disagreed with on COVID issues, claiming it cared about disinformation. They don't care about this obvious one. Here's a screen shot of the phony tweet:

Of course it's way worse than the troll above "thought" -- it's completely false. If Republicans put out a tweet that Democrats eat babies for lunch, wouldn't that be way worse than their opponents thought, but still not true in the least? The bozo above missed that latter part.

Naturally, Media Matters was involved in spreading this disinformation. The Democrat-linked organization claims to be a fact-checking outfit. Reuters reported that one.



Nice to see this slime machine's "credibility" in the toilet so obviously on that one.

For those who are interested, here is the actual Republican Commitment to America, which is far more well thought out and palatable to the public. 

What Democrats are doing now is making new movies about pushing grandma off the cliff, so to speak, and imagining that like the last time they spread those kinds of phony stories, they can get away with them again. It's in their playbook.

It would be nice to know who did this fakery, too, given that it's a new low for them, and it might well be subject to libel laws.

But mysteriously, AP, and Reuters for that matter, send out their fact-check team to debunk the lies. Maybe it was too much even for them to stomach. Maybe they want to regain their credibility with the public and this is an easy example to use. Maybe a lawsuit of some kind was to be avoided. Maybe they need something from the coming Republican-led Congress and don't want to start off on a completely wrong foot. Whatever it is, it tells us the Democrats' act has gotten old and unoriginal, and these dirty tricks are their last stand before the meltdown. 

Good riddance.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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