Mayorkas should be fired after slandering his own agency's employees

So the CEO of a company likes to hold his employees up to public scorn, not for mistakes, but for slanderous lies about their supposed mistakes?

Such a person would be considered a freak, a slanderer, a guy who needed to be thrown out of there, a shareholder liability, a lawsuit risk, a complete asshat.

And such a person likely doesn't exist at all, since nobody's ever heard of that kind of behavior in corporate America.

But then there's the U.S. government, and Alejandro Mayorkas, Joe Biden's director of Homeland Security.  He's been caught knowingly lying about his employees in order hold them up to public contempt and scorn — for political purposes.

According to Fox News:

EXCLUSIVE: Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was told that the photographer who captured a clash between Border Patrol agents and Haitian migrants in Del Rio had said that the incident was being misconstrued — hours before Mayorkas joined a White House press conference where he didn't challenge the false narrative.

The Sept. 24, 2021 email, obtained by the Heritage Foundation via a Freedom of Information Act request (FOIA), shines light onto internal deliberations surrounding the controversy in Del Rio, Texas, where Democrats and the White House pushed a narrative that migrants had been "whipped" or "strapped" by Border Patrol agents despite it being quickly debunked.

In fact, agents were using split reins to control their horses as migrants rushed across the river. But a narrative, based on a misinterpretation of photographs, was running and on Sept. 24 was further fueled by President Biden.

"To see people treated like they did, horses barely running over, people being strapped — it's outrageous," Biden told reporters, making a whipping motion with his hand. "I promise you, those people will pay. There will be an investigation underway now, and there will be consequences. There will be consequences."

Suffice to say, this is beyond despicable, beyond disgusting.  Mayorkas knew ahead of time that his Border Patrol agents did nothing wrong and publicly slandered them anyway.

Some in Congress say that's impeachable, and it's hard to argue with them:

No agency head should be that "in hate" with the employees he leads to hold them up to public scorn. 

Even more important, no agency head should be so opposed to his employees that he would slander them in public.

Why is that impeachable?  Well, because Cabinet secretaries are sworn to serve the American people as they lead their agencies on a nonpartisan basis.  That means an obligation to serve all of the people, not just the people of their own party for political ends.  I've had conversations with more than one Cabinet secretary (from the Bush II administration), and they've all been intensely aware of the need not to be seen engaging in partisan party politics, regardless of their true feelings about an issue.  They were scrupulous; they stayed away.  President Trump walking to a historic church across from the White House with defense officials at his side, after radical leftists damaged it with fire, was roundly criticized on those particular grounds, as was Joe Biden's sleazy use of Marines to stand as placeholders for his Mussolini-meltdown speech in Philadelphia several weeks ago.

Even beyond the obvious issue of slander and politicking, it's pretty obvious that Mayorkas cannot head a government agency effectively, given his propensity to lie, and, in so doing, knowingly slander the employees.  Who on Earth would want to be, or should be, led by a liar like this?  The guy lies and gets away with it, and too bad about the employees he lies about.

It's an impossible situation, and it underlines the need for an incoming Congress to start with impeaching Mayorkas if Joe Biden isn't going to get rid of him, given the string of failures and lies that characterize his watch.  Nobody should have to work for a government agency whose appointed head is working against them to the point of lying about them.

Image: Official portrait via Wikipedia, public domain.

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