Los Angeles Democrats caught on tape guffawing together as one calls blacks monkeys

Ever wonder what the most powerful blue-city ruling elites say in private about the people they virtue-signal loudest about in public?

Wonder no more: a leaked tape of a meeting of powerful Los Angeles City Council leaders, plus a top public employee union leader, lets us know.

Here's KTLA's report:

Two members of the Los Angeles City Council and a union leader released apology statements Sunday after a report published by the Los Angeles Times included transcribed leaked audio of offensive and racist remarks that were made during a private meeting. A third council member claimed to have no recollection of the conversation.

In the leaked audio, which was summarized by the Times but was originally posted to Reddit and remains readily available on social media, Council President Nury Martinez can be heard making derisive and racist comments about the child of Mike Bonin, the council member representing the 11th District.

Bonin, who is white, has an adopted son who is Black. In the leaked audio, Martinez can be heard describing Bonin's son as "ese changuito," or that little monkey, according to the Times. At one point, Martinez also refers to Bonin as a "little b----."

There was other disgusting stuff, too.  A Wikipedia summary notes:

On October 9, 2022, a recording of a conversation between Martinez and other councilmembers Gil Cedillo, and Kevin de León regarding gerrymandering was leaked anonymously onto Reddit. In the meeting, Martinez stated "Fuck that guy ... He's with the Blacks", referring to District Attorney George Gascón. Martinez also insulted Councilmember Mike Bonin's adopted child, saying "This kid needs a beatdown. Let me take him around the corner, I'll bring him right back."[34]

The three councilmembers discussed how to appoint a new councilmember who would work in their interests and also agreed to gerrymander Nithya Raman's district.

Martinez, a longtime fixture in the Pacoima-San Fernando Latino political machine, Los Angeles City Council president, and the chief racist here, was trying to engineer a gerrymander of at least one district for the sake of the Latino machine at the expense of the black political machine.  That's ostensibly because the black machine wields more power than its numbers of voters suggest, even though something comparable could be said of the Latino machine, which boasts about 48% - 65% of the population, with only about a third of whom can vote, either due to age (many Latinos are young) or the fact that many are here illegally from other countries.

So as Martinez attempted to rig the blacks out of the power system, through redistricting, she let spew the racism that came naturally to her.

It certainly explains this racism from her cited below from National Review -- signing off on cutting funding for the police, which hurts black communities the most:

Martinez and her colleagues cut the police department budget by $150 million, resulting in over $47 million in unpaid overtime hours by LAPD officers in the 2020-2021 fiscal year that will need to eventually be paid back, with interest, by taxpayers.

She reacted to a Los Angeles Times report on the council’s fiscal mismanagement by arguing that “regardless of any inevitable overtime pay, it’s undeniable that this council has listened and is focused on creating a more equitable city.”

Three hundred and ninety seven murders were recorded in Los Angeles in 2021, the most since 2006. It on track for roughly the same number of homicides this year.

Anybody surprised she spews anti-black racism in private?

Such a charming wokester.  Now that the news of the tape is out, the denials and apologies are comical — the union leader among those guffawing, Los Angeles County Federation of Labor Ron Herrera, childing himself for not "speaking out" as the racism rolled was particularly a beaut — as if these people in their comfort zone with one another don't talk like this all the time. One of them, Gil Cedillo, who got himself a congressional seat awhile back from ballot-harvesting, claims he can't recall the conversation.

It's far from the first time that leftists in power have been caught on tape spewing hate about the people they claim to champion.  It's natural stuff for the left.  Recall that a northern California school board was caught on what its members thought was a private Zoom meeting (it wasn't) making foul remarks about parents who were concerned about lockdowns.  These nasty creatures were eventually booted from office, but everyone knows what such Democrats say in private over that issue.

Martinez is part of the most corrupt segment of the Los Angeles ruling power elites: the James Acevedo-Alex Padilla-Kevin de León-Tony Cardenas Latino machine of the Pacoima-San Fernando area, who not only rule Los Angeles, but have the hooks in in Sacramento — de León almost won his Senate race against dotardly Sen. Dianne Feinstein in 2018.  With Padilla now in the Senate, they've got the machine represented in Washington, too.  They serve as a rival house of power to the corrupt Nancy Pelosi-Gordon Getty-Gavin Newsom-Kamala Harris-Willy Brown-Jerry Brown political machine in the San Francisco Bay Area, and the two houses, in their quest for power, work to out-woke each other — and shame the rest of the state and country as hopeless racists.

Well, it turns out that they're the flaming racists.  This is much more than local politics here; this is how Democrats talk in private as they put on their virtue-signaling masks in public.

Their remarks are repulsive.  Were a Republican such as Donald Trump caught making them — and he never has been, despite being constantly recorded — he would be denounced to high heaven.  Such remarks would be hailed by this bunch as systemic racism and proof that all Republicans are racist.  They get called racist anyway and not for anything racist.

But now we have the buck-naked racism on full display, coming from a solid blue city of Democrats with absolutely no conservative or Republican representation.  We hear denunciations from other members of the political machines of Los Angeles, particularly the ones who were about to be rigged out of office.  Most of the focus now is how if Martinez and the others aren't thrown out, it could affect the mayor's race, where a black candidate is running. Karen Bass, another former congresswoman who almost became Joe Biden's running mate, supposedly has a lock on the mayor's chair come November, but seems scared now that maybe with this scandal, the Latino vote is no longer a lock.

Democrats nationally have been silent and that's about par for this bunch.

That's why it's important that Republicans, as the media phrase goes, "pounce," taking full advantage of this unfinished scandal to remind the public that the Democrats remain the Party of the Klan.  In Los Angeles, out in the Baldwin Hills area, there is a remnant branch of black Republicans dating from the Party of Lincoln and Martin Luther King, Jr. era.  It's time to empower them. 

And if not that, then Republicans. must get word out nationally that this is Who They Are.

These vile one-party machines need to be broken up so that if for nothing else, competition and civility can follow between the two political tendencies instead of buck-raw racism.  The racism here in Los Angeles is completely at home in any one-party system or state.

UPDATE: Apparently, the ruling Democrats have managed to kick Martinez out, but it's not clear if she entirely resigned or is just giving up her fancy title as president of the city council. New reports say she's only giving up her fancy title as the Latina "first." The rest haven't, and additional racist ravings are revealed in this ABC7 story. Still  more racist ravings in this LAist piece here. Audio here. These are quite the people they've got in the elites of the Democrat party.

Expose them.

Image: Solagil1126 via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0

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