Ketanji Brown Jackson, the village idiot won’t shut up

Ketanji Brown Jackson is without a doubt the biggest detriment to the female sex since Eve in the garden of Eden.

She’s remarkably unintelligent, and she won’t stop talking. Now, fortunately for her sake, her pigment and political views lend her plenty of latitude; establishment media even ran cover for her saying, “none of the other justices have begun their careers as impressively as Jackson.”

So how did her new career begin, and how is it progressing?

Well, as we all remember, she couldn’t answer the most basic of questions: “What is a woman?” Her dimwitted display was perhaps the most preposterous and remembered moment in recent political history — and she’s still just as much of an intellectual liability for the leftist cause.

Dr. Adam Feldman, an accomplished academician and the creator of the blog Empirical SCOTUS, analyzed certain data points, and created a bar graph to show how often each sitting justice spoke during their first eight arguments on the Court. Feldman found that Jackson’s word count reached a total of 11,003 words. (See the chart here.) To put that into context, Justice Clarence Thomas spoke the least, with less than one hundred words. The Washington Post gratuitously wrote:

Over eight oral arguments, she [Jackson] dominated the questioning and commentary, speaking twice as much as her next most loquacious colleague. It is likely a record for a new justice….

She’s the epitome of the “women never shut up” stereotype, just yammering away like an idiot with nothing of substance to say — another mindless leftist that talks just to talk, loving the sound of their own voice to the pain of those listening.

Astutely pointed out by a colleague’s spouse:

She is the politician on the court, because she is simply arguing to the public principles and ruling that the court as currently constituted will not accept.

The same court that saw the appointments of men like Oliver Ellsworth and Antonin Scalia, now sees a token affirmative action recipient who is so wrapped up in leftist ideology, she can’t (or won’t) say what a “woman” is — and she’s becoming even less impressive (how is that even possible?) as time marches on.

After this, it would certainly behoove Ms. Jackson to consider a sound bit of eternal wisdom, Even a fool who keeps silent is considered wise; when he closes his lips, he is deemed intelligent.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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