Kamala Harris vows to deliver race-based Hurricane aid, sparking panic in Florida

Should federal hurricane recovery aid be handed out based on need or based the race of the recipient?

According to Kamala Harris, the answer is 'race,' and here's the proof:



According to the Daily Caller:

Vice President Kamala Harris said Friday that aid distributed in the wake of natural disasters like Hurricane Ian should be “based on equity.”

“It is our lowest-income communities and communities of color that are most impacted by these extreme conditions and impacted by issues not of their own making—” Harris said before being interrupted by Priyanka Chopra Jonas at a Democratic National Committee Women’s Leadership Forum.

Hell of a time to make that kind of a statement, Kams. According to Christine Pushaw, rapid response director for Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ reelection campaign, the vow to mete out aid based on a hurricane victim's race rather than actual need is sparking "panic" in Florida and quite likely the rest of the southeast which has been affected by it.



According to the Caller: 

Pushaw reiterated that aid was being distributed regardless of race or background in multiple tweets Friday night.

What a horrible thing to do to hurricane victims, many of whom in the Fort Myers area have seen their entire homes washed out to sea.

It's outrageous, it's a civil rights violation, it's an insult to people who have paid taxes all their lives who ought to be entitled to claim aid, and it's an amazing politicization of an issue that shouldn't be political.

Even Harris's claim that minority communities have been hardest hit is nothing but an invented leftist narrative, based on a ridiculous premise that hurricanes are racist.

Communities that could have been hard hit are the poor, not necessarily dark, and could include those who live in mobile homes, but in Florida, that could just as easily include white people as people of other races. Hurricanes, unlike Harris, don't distinguish who they hit. Who else would have been hardest hit? The people with coastal properties that were completely washed out to sea. In general, those are going to be rich people, but not always. Are there likely to be some minorities among them? For sure. Florida is an integrated place. Are they the guys Kamala plans to aid before others, sorting out the black and brown ones from the white ones? Tell that to poorer people in small houses inland who suffered heavy damages but who aren't people of color. To take a guess as to who was the hardest hit of all, it could quite likely be the elderly white people who bought waterside properties well before the boom, saw their homes washed out to sea, and who don't have high incomes to rebuild.

It just goes to show that handing out aid based on race is a despicable idea. The fair way to hand out federal aid is based on need, but that isn't within Harris's capacity to comprehend. For her, the hurricanes are racist, the aid is a political plaything, the aid racket is a crony cash-doling scheme, and the disaster itself is nothing but an opportunity to whip up votes.

In an emergency, that's disgusting. As Pushaw noted, it panics the needy.

It shows that Harris can't see anything outside the lens of campaign politics. For her, the Hurricane Ian emergency is just another opportunity to pander for black and Latino votes.

It highlights her utter unfitness for high office of any kind.

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