John Kerry set to quit as climate czar post. Is he running for president?

John Kerry, who's Joe Biden's "climate czar," is getting ready to de-report for doody.

According to Axios:

Special climate envoy John Kerry is actively considering leaving the Biden administration after next month's COP27 summit, soliciting advice from friends and colleagues on how to stay involved in climate efforts from the private sector, according to people familiar with the matter.

Why it matters: President Biden has relied on Kerry, a former secretary of state, long-time senator and the Democratic presidential nominee in 2004, to corral more multilateral buy-in for emissions cuts and keep climate on the radar despite economic headwinds and the Russia crisis.

Which is weird stuff.

After all, as climate czar, doesn't Lurch have it made?

He gallivants around the world leaving a humongous carbon trail on a private jet intoning to rapt audiences about the airware greenie agenda, in what's effectively a job that's all perks, no work. Since global warming is fake, but rich greenies refuse to read the science, that makes it a job where no performance is required, let alone results. No need to make the world a greener place by the numbers, all he has to do is jet around with that carbon trail, and tuck into the lobster, the chateaubrand, the Chivas Regal, the foie gras, and whatever else the fancy nations of the world are serving to him, along with the girls, girls, girls, as he drones and intones. As Dire Straits put it,

"that ain't woikin.' Thass the way you do it, get your money for nothing and your chicks for free..." 

So one wonders what the deal is with the Democrat party's chief gigolo, suddenly deciding to leave his perk-filled perch?

Well, it may be that with Europe freezing in winter, and lunatics over there desecrating great works of art, things may be changing on the global warming popularity front. Maybe the rapt audiences won't be so big now, what with that big carbon footprint Kerry hauls around with him.

Note that the U.K.'s new prime minister, Rishi Sunak, has decided to pull out of the global warming hog wallow for the elites, known as COP27, to be held in Egypt this year, even though the U.K. was its host last year, a fact that speaks very well for him and the public mood in that part of the world. Sunak explained that he had actual work to do.

Kerry, who's not a man to miss the buffet, of course, is going.

So what could be the deal, why is he leaving when the going is so good as it is, even without the U.K. prime minister to pose with photos of for his library?

Well, writer Mickey Kaus had a pretty good guess:



The midterms are approaching. The Democrats are in for a shellacking. The Democrats are getting ready to point fingers, and more importantly, get rid of Joe Biden, if by no other way than by preventing him from running again. 

What better than for John Kerry to make another run for president? He's got the money. He's got the mojo, having lived on a diet of flattery for the past two years. He's got a Democrat brand name. He's seeing his opportunities, and he's positioning himself for a move, the Democrat lineup pretty bereft and clownish Hillary Clinton even moving to the fore and he must be saying to himself that he will save this for his party -- he will be to report for doody again in the aftermath of Joe Biden.

What could go wrong?

Image: Rhododendrites, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0  

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