Joe Biden chomps ice cream, tells fawning media economy is 'strong as hell'

What is it about Democrats and ice cream?

Nancy Pelosi disgusted many with her ostentatious fridge full of expensive ice cream at the height of the coronavirus lockdowns. Even progressives were annoyed.

Now Joe Biden is chomping on ice cream for reporters, and telling us, between bites and licks: "Our economy is strong as hell."


Yes, the economy's "hell" all right, and Joe's cooling off with expensive ice cream while you and I and all the other Americans are taking the heat from it.

What a vile picture of a president so out of touch he has no idea how bad he looks. He's flaunting his ice cream before us, as we contemplate the latest monster inflation figures and 401(k) losses, taking a lick, and telling us we have a "strong as hell" economy.

As PJMedia's Stephen Kruizer notes:

It’s obvious that the Democrats’ last big hope before the midterms is that voters will undergo some sort of mass hallucination about inflation. They’re so used to controlling the message via the mainstream media that they think people will buy the “Everything is fine…” spin.

This is one of the few times that Biden wasn’t off-script. The Democrats’ approach for months now is to try and convince voters that things aren’t really so bad via a series of mind-numbing lectures in macroeconomics. They’re hoping to bore the electorate into stupidity or apathy.

Instead, they've written GOP attack ads. What GOP operative couldn't look at that blissful moment for Joe in his ice cream cups and think about how that can be worked into the next ad targeting some Democrat? It's happening, and it's an unforced error, brought on by a president so ignorant and out of touch that the only thing he can understand is ice cream. 

What a wretched picture.



Image: Screen shot from Twitter video

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