Jen Psaki chides voters for being more concerned about the economy than abortion

Jen Psaki was out and about on Twitter, defending Joe Biden's latest bid to tout his abortion stance to the voters as midterms approach and Democrats slide in the polls.

She tweeted this:



So Jen Psaki, former spokesweasel for the Biden White House, is still shilling for Joe Biden, in a very strange talking point suggesting that if voters weren't so wound up about the economy, they'd drop everything and flock to Joe Biden, because abortion is the most important issue.

Abortion. That's more important than putting food on the table. Silly them.

It's as obnoxious a tweet as any she has ever done. Who the heck is she to tell voters what is most important to them? Does she have some special knowledge that they don't? Is she still a believer in inflation being 'transitory' while abortion, for a baby at least, and probably the mother, is permanent? The voters tell the pols what's important through their votes, not the other way around.

It shows what a spin-oriented mindset she has, viewing voters as malleable clay rather than rational beings who seek out the best leaders for their perceived needs. If Joe Biden can just get on the bullhorn and yell 'abortion,' voters will flock to his Democrats. Never mind the silly detail about the economy.

It's shows what the White House and its minions think of voters -- that voters are stupid and only need to be led by the hand. .

It also shows that there may be a coordinated spin campaign going on, with the word out being that voters are foolish to focus on the economy because abortion is more important. See this piece by AT contributor Eric Utter, who skewers The View host Joy Behar for making the exact same argument about the supposed foolishness of focusing on the economy. Behar calls Americans' concerns about the economy "sad and depressing," so pay no attention to that $6 gas at the pump, or the monster losses in your 401(k) or the interest rates on new home sales. Abortion trumps it all, voters are idiots for thinking otherwise, and this is the best they've got to offer. Polls show that abortion is of utmost concern to about 5% of the voters.  

It tells us more than they think it tells us.

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