Is Elon Musk about to receive the Trump treatment?

A court filing made public just yesterday revealed that Elon Musk is under federal investigation related to his $44-billion takeover deal for Twitter, Inc., the social media company.

Twitter claims it requested for months that Musk's attorneys produce their communications with federal authorities, but they had not done so.  Hence, they asked a Delaware judge to order that the documents be provided.

In late September, Musk's attorneys provided a "privilege log" identifying documents to be withheld from discovery.  The log referenced drafts of a May 13 email to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission and a slide presentation to the Federal Trade Commission.

Twitter's court request was filed on Oct. 6, the very day the Delaware judge halted proceedings that would let Twitter and Musk finalize their deal.

In April, Bloomberg reported Twitter shareholder Marc Bain Rasella's claim that investors lost out on gains because Musk waited too long to declare his 9.2-percent stake purchase in the platform.

The SEC asked Musk whether the disclosure of his 9% Twitter stake was late and why it indicated that he intended to be a passive shareholder.  Musk later refiled the disclosure to indicate he was an active investor.

In June, the SEC asked Musk whether he should have amended his public filing to reflect his intention to suspend or abandon the deal.

When Elon Musk announced his bid to buy Twitter back in May, it caused celebrations and meltdowns in equal measure.

Liberals feared losing control over a primary tool of manipulation.  Twitter employees staged walkouts.  MSNBC said that Musk's takeover would have "massive, life and globe-altering consequences."

The New York Times and the Washington Post attacked Musk.  Baseless allegations of racism and white supremacy were also made (obviously).

When asked how he would change Twitter, Musk says he'd reverse Twitter's ban on President Donald Trump; he called the ban a "morally bad decision" and "foolish in the extreme."  Musk also said he will liberate the platform into a haven for free speech.

Then, in mid-May, Musk revealed that his plan to buy Twitter is "temporarily on hold" owing to numerous spambot accounts on the social media platform.  Shares of Twitter tumbled, while shares of Tesla rebounded sharply.

By June, Musk threatened to end his deal to buy Twitter, accusing Twitter of holding back information about its spambot accounts.

By July, Musk claimed he'd abandon his offer to buy Twitter owing to Twitter's refusal to divulge details about the bogus accounts.

The attacks on Musk seemed to stop after that.

On October 4, Musk offered to honor his original proposal to buy Twitter.  Twitter says it intends to close the transaction after receiving Musk's offer.

Once again, it caused panic waves across the establishment.

Apart from yesterday's announcement that Musk was being investigated by the Feds, there was another bit of news.

Ian Bremmer, head of the Eurasia Group political risk consultancy, alleged that Musk had personally told him about the conversation with President Putin.

This allegation surfaced after Musk tweeted about a plan for peace between Ukraine and Russia:

Musk denied he spoke to Putin about the intervention in Ukraine.

Federal investigation and allegations of being in contact with Putin?

Where have we heard this before?

The tone and content of the probe demands and the investigations seem reminiscent of hoaxes against Trump.

It has to be remembered that government agencies do not need any probable cause to investigate.  An allegation made could be enough.

This is exactly what happened during the Trump-Russia Collusion hoax.  The hoaxers couldn't tell how Russia meddled with the 2016 elections or if votes were altered.  They couldn't cite the laws that were broken or how votes were altered.  They just didn't like the outcome of the election and were doing all they could to unseat President Trump.

Their noise caused the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller.  The goal behind the Mueller probe was to create a perception of criminality.  The Mueller team selectively leaked to the media that the "walls were closing in on Trump."

The probe had no boundaries; it was used to target allies of Trump and even his personal attorney.

The goal behind this investigation was also to make the process seem like a punishment and build perceptions.

The Mueller team did have some success.

They managed to slow down the pace of Trump's implementation of his agenda, which the D.C. establishment was staunchly against.  

They probably convinced some citizens to vote against the GOP in 2018 and against Trump in 2020.  Victory in the 2019 midterms enabled the Democrats to take control of the House, which led to two baseless impeachments of Trump.

It is a miracle that Trump, despite all these impediments, managed to implement a great deal of his agenda on the economy, and border security, and secure 74 million votes.

The "investigators" know that every human has his limit of endurance; they probably hoped that someday Trump would think, "I am a multi-billionaire, I have a great life, I don't need this" and walk away from politics forever.

That didn't happen, and hence myriad baseless investigations continue to this day.

They live in hope that a breaking point will be reached.  The other objective of this persecution of Trump is to prevent any other aspiring private citizen from entering politics by challenging the D.C Democrat establishment and the Deep State.

This is exactly what seems to be happening with Musk.

What liberals fear the most is any challenge to their monopoly.  Musk has been championing free speech and expressing support for Republicans.  Musk has been violating the D.C. Democrat groupthink over and over again and has been enjoying the free publicity he gets from being provocative and amassing a significant following for it. 

It is hard to say if Musk is a real disruptor or merely addicted to publicity. 

But the D.C. establishment doesn't like challengers and dissenters. 

The media attacks on Musk were merely threats.  This federal investigation will amount to real persecution.

Don't be too surprised if someone demands another investigation to look into Musk's ties with Putin.  It would give them an excuse to probe into his business dealings and perhaps even his personal life.

This once again should be a reminder to those who say Trump has too much baggage owing to the multiple allegations and investigations and that a clean candidate would serve the GOP better.

Make no mistake: challengers to the status quo, even if they are not contemplating joining politics, will be gratuitously probed in addition to being demonized.

In fact, the investigations and probes must be seen as a barometer of worthiness.

Photo credit: J.D. LasicaCC BY 2.0 license.

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