Intense Democrat denial as midterms approach

With less than three weeks until the November 8 midterm elections, Republicans would be remiss not to cite the "denial" problem of the anti-Trump leftists.  A good starting point would be in the letter to The New York Times (print edition, October 19) from Dr. Leonard L. Glass, identified as "a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who contributed a chapter to 'The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.'"  Dr. Glass, at the end of his letter to the Times, wrote that the "Jan. 6" House Select Committee "hearings have clearly shown [that President Trump was] incapable of protecting the Capitol, members of Congress and the peace officers who tried to shield them."  This qualifies letter-writer Glass as denying that President Trump was not responsible for Capitol Hill security on January 6, or on any other day of his presidency.

Alas, Dr. Glass required the addition of one word, "institutionally," to keep his letter from denying that the House speaker and the sergeants-at- arms of the House and Senate — not the president — are responsible for security at the Capitol.  All it would have taken for accuracy in the Glass letter would have been a search request to PolitiFact.

This PolitiFact analysis hardly absolves Speaker Pelosi of responsibility for Capitol Hill security, notwithstanding the artful title of the piece.  Nowhere does it say that President Trump bore responsibility for Capitol Hill security.  Indeed, the separation of powers principle, denied by the Pelosi panel of political puppets in sending a subpoena to former president Trump, would bar Executive Branch security responsibility for the Legislative Branch.  (The Glass letter also ignores reports that Capitol Hill police opened the doors to allow entry to the protesters of January 6, and that one officer shot and killed Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed protester.)

But, as stated above, the Glass letter to the Times is only a starting point for leftist deniability for the ills caused by this leftist administration.  Perhaps the campaign theme for the Democrats, this political season, consists of two points: defend abortion, and attack Trump and his MAGA voters.  The Democrats, therefore, effectively are in denial that a state of chaos exists along our southern border and that the economy is in tatters as a result of policies causing inflation — policies that include mischievous opposition to fossil fuels and misguided emphasis on climate control.  Furthermore, Democrats deny that the FBI and Justice Department have been transformed into instruments that ruthlessly suppress dissent, along with denying that rampant crime has become a national problem.

Certainly, the left would deny that its foreign policy comes down to two words: America last.  Denial would be their response to the assertion that President Biden has shown himself to be a divider, not a unifier.  (And after November 8, 2022, if the Republicans repeat their success of November 8, 1994, will the left denounce the result as a threat to democracy?  Indeed, will the stormtroopers of the left rush to the streets to cause chaos in an effort to intimidate the voters after the act?)

In brief, Democrats would deny that the answer to the question "Are you better off now than you were at the end of President Trump's (first) term?" is "no" for most Americans, save for the self-anointed, self-serving elitists among us.

The GOP, these final weeks of the 2022 political campaign, can demonstrate, by just checking off the factual record, that, as John Greeter of Tennessee said of them following the November 8, 1994 midterms, "the Republicans are the party of the people now."  But this means that Republicans need to gain their voice and speak up during the countdown to November 8, 2022.  Will they?

Image: tom.arthur via Flickr, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0.

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