If Republicans win, it's the end of democracy

We should hope so.  Democracy is mob rule.  Democracy is rule by majority.  We do not have a direct democracy.  We never had one.  America was never set up for that.  We have a representative republic, where the representatives we voters choose make the decisions as to what legislation to approve or disapprove, according to what we want.  That necessitates that our representatives actually ask us now and then what we want instead of voting how they want without our input.  Elementary civics lesson over. 

Hillary Clinton derided Republicans in a keynote address during the New York Democrat party convention in February: "the Republican Party officially embraces violent insurrection," and it "let Donald Trump trash our democracy."

She is lying, as always.  We don't "officially embrace violent insurrection."  We don't embrace it all, but Democrats do.  When they send Kamala Harris to the cameras so she can encourage violence in the cities, they embrace violent insurrection.  She claims she was talking about protesting, not violence, but all the protests were violent.

When Democrats tell protesters they can harass SCOTUS justices, they are the ones embracing violence.

Maxine Waters wants Democrats to "get in their faces" at restaurants.

Nice try at projection.

Democrats use violence all the time, whereas you would be hard pressed to find incidents of violence by Republicans.  Democrats are so anxious to paint Republicans with violence that they will even send their own in, dressed in MAGA clothes and hats, to provoke where no provocation existed before they got there.

Republicans, as a rule, just don't do violence.  January 6 was not violent until agitators came in to see if they could find a way to get protesters to skid out of control.  It worked, and Republicans got the blame.

Last Thursday, Hillary said, "If I were a betting person, I'd say Trump is going to run again. ... If he's not held accountable and he gets to do it again, I think that could be the end of our democracy."

No — the first thing newly elected Republicans will do, probably right after reopening the Keystone pipeline and closing the border, will be to restore freedom and liberty to all the conservatives who were silenced, jailed, harassed, and closed down by Democrats.

It is the Democrats alone who censor, dox, cancel, and destroy.  It's their agenda to silence conservatives by any means necessary.

Without even going into how Democrats destroyed our military, our schools, entertainment, the economy, small businesses, and everything else they touched, this November will be as important as 2024.  If Trump runs, he will win.  If DeSantis runs, he will win, even against Gruesome Newsom, who never met a dollar he didn't love so long as he could take it from someone else, and who cannot wait to rope in the entire population of California and feed them bugs, make them ride bicycles and E.V.s, and shut down their shops.  Freedom is his enemy.  Freedom is the enemy of all authoritarians, and you will find authoritarians only among Democrats, not Republicans.

If you want a resuscitated America in November, you must vote for representatives who will:

  • Open oil pipelines.
  • Close the borders.
  • Educate in our schools and remove drag queens and anti-white racist teachers.
  • Secure elections by going back to paper ballots and one-day voting.
  • Resuscitate the military as a fighting force, not a social experiment.
  • Remove every vestige of CRT, SEL, DEI, ESG in government agencies.
  • Clean out the FBI, CIA, FCC, NEA, IRS, and the EPA and strip them of all but the most innocuous powers.  Better still, eliminate these agencies.
  • Stop spending and printing money.
  • Stop paying people not to work.
  • Bar men in women's sports.
  • Revoke Section 230 and make websites like Twitter and Facebook legally responsible for their unrepentant censorship against conservatives.

This is a no-excuses election.  Everyone must vote.  We have the choice in a few days to either keep a free America or acquiesce to the Great Resetters who want a one-party system.

If you want more of what we've been getting the last two years, vote Democrat.  If you want your freedom back and want to stop self-censoring, vote Republican.  First, we take control of Congress.  Then we take the White House back.  Perhaps then our representative republic can function as intended once again.

Image: Vikram Gupchup.

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