Hollywood B-lister attempts to demonize Jordan Peterson

While promoting her directorial venture, Don't Worry Darling, Hollywood fixture Olivia Wilde launched a gratuitous and scurrilous attack against the noted clinical psychologist and commentator Jordan Peterson.

Wilde revealed that the inspiration for the villain of her film was "this insane man, Jordan Peterson, who is this pseudo-intellectual hero to the incel community." 

The word "incel" stands for "involuntary celibate," referring to the socially inept who are unable to find sexual partners.  It is not specific to sex or race.

Wilde expounded her definition of incel as a "community of disenfranchised, mostly white men, who believe they are entitled to sex from women."

Surprisingly, she did not throw in "MAGA hat–wearing Trump supporter" to her crude stereotype.

Mangling her grammar a little, she scornfully claimed that Jordan Peterson "legitimizes certain aspects of their [incel] movement because he's a former professor, he's an author, he wears a suit, so they feel like this is a real philosophy that should be taken seriously."

Quite often people reveal a lot about themselves when they attack others.  The "he wears a suit" portion of Wilde's attack reveals her own focus on the superficial.  Perhaps she judges others by their sartorial choices.

So who is Jordan Peterson?

He rose to fame following a viral video of a debate on the gender pay gap.  Peterson based his arguments on facts and triumphed against the host, who had nothing but platitudes, misperceptions, and falsehoods.

The video placed Peterson in the crosshairs of liberals.

Liberals live in perpetual fear that master persuaders such as Peterson could make compelling arguments and reveal their foibles to sow discord in their echo chambers and sway their brainwashed foot soldiers away.

Consequently, Peterson was conferred with myriad pejorative epithets rooted in bigotry and intolerance.

Beyond his recent fame, Peterson is a professor emeritus at the University of Toronto.  He has published three acclaimed bestsellers.  He has written numerous papers.  He has delivered many sold-out lectures and appeared on many chart-topping podcasts.  Peterson's intellect has earned him plaudits from even his adversaries.

Back to Wilde's allegations.

These are her attempts to convey that her art is socially conscious — i.e., that her film is a statement against "toxic masculinity" as she attempts to shill her work to the public.

Quite often, films that lack merit win accolades for their "social messaging."

Unfortunately for Wilde, her ploy has failed.

Rotten Tomatoes reveals that a paltry 39% of film critics, many of them Wilde's fellow liberals, approve of her film.  

So what's Wilde's story?

Despite being offered myriad opportunities, she never achieved stardom.  She always stayed on the "B List" of Hollywood celebs at best.

She notably starred in one of Harrison Ford's rare box office turkeys, Cowboys and Aliens, which was supposed to be her ticket to becoming an A-Lister.

In the style of such wannabes, she says many leftist things, including her claim to be a feminist.

But that is only restricted to participating in anti-Trump Women's Marches.

She never raised her voice against Harvey Weinstein when he was sexually abusing and assaulting women.  She was, in fact, friendly with Weinstein, enough to attend sports events together with the old toad, because somehow, he helped her career. 

Wilde once even read aloud an invitation written by Weinstein in order to mock Tea Party Republican Michele Bachmann.  It was replete with the usually condescending nastiness that coastal elites have for regular people.

Like most of Hollywood, Wilde was sickened by Weinstein only when he was dismissed from his position of power. 

Wilde claimed she never knew of Weinstein's psychopathic side.  That looks like a lie, as Weinstein's casting-couch behavior was Hollywood's worst kept secret.  A secondhand story, published by Gawker, claimed that Wilde was an accomplice to Weinstein.

The feminist Wilde also endorsed Hillary Clinton.  That's the same Hillary Clinton who led smear campaigns against many women who revealed Bill Clinton's sexually predatory behavior.

Florence Pugh, the leading lady of Wilde's latest film, said she felt uncomfortable with the sexualization of the film's trailer, which focused on Pugh's character being subjected to cunnilingus on a kitchen table.  But feminist Wilde didn't worry much about the distress of her female colleague.  Wilde was using sex to sell her film, which sounds like a trick she might have learned from Weinstein. 

Wilde also has a distant relationship with the truth.

She claimed she fired actor Shia LaBeouf from her film because she was concerned about his potential bad behavior affecting the film's leading lady, Florence Pugh, on set, based on past abuse allegations leveled against LaBeouf.

LaBeouf countered Wilde's claims with a video of Wilde pleading with the actor to stay on the production.  LaBeouf also shared emails that proved that it was he who quit the film.

Back the attack on "incels."

The goal of any movement that stands for marginalized groups is to facilitate equality so that people are judged solely by their character, abilities, and work

You cannot confront racism by discriminating against Caucasians.  You cannot confront sexism by vilifying men.

But this is what liberals seem to be doing recently.

At the core of these actions is the abhorrent idea of collective guilt or culpability.  This must be rejected.  An individual is solely responsible for his actions, and not for the actions of his ancestors or others from his race or sex.

Equality occurs by uplifting the downtrodden, not by bringing down those who are perceived to be on top.

The "incels" Wilde seems obsessed with are by no means privileged or dominant.  They are in fact marginalized and powerless.  This is why liberals such as Wilde attack them.

A study revealed that these "incels" suffer from a variety of mental health conditions that cause them to be maladjusted.  The study revealed that they suffer from depression, anxiety, PTSD, and autism spectrum disorders.  They often have a history of being bullied.  This causes them to feel inadequate, unwanted, and lonely.  This group is often prone to suicide and self-harm.

They often feel comfortable cloaked under the anonymity of the internet rather than exposed in their personal interactions.

Every society has these marginalized groups.  They deserve empathy and understanding.  Their voices deserve to be heard.  Society must strive to bring them into the mainstream.  Some among these may be in possession of great talents, but their lack of social skills prevents these talents from coming to fruition.

If Jordan Peterson gives them hope and guidance, he must be saluted and thanked, not vilified.

In a way, when Wilde referred to Peterson as a "hero to the incel community," she was unknowingly paying him a compliment for standing with a marginalized group.

However, in Wilde's addled mind, this was an intended insult.

The truth remains that it is Peterson, not Wilde, who possesses compassion.  This was evident when he was asked about Wilde's vile attacks.

In the end, Wilde is just another self-obsessed and entitled Hollywood amateur.

She compensates for her lack of talent or stardom with her relentless virtue-signaling.  She is attempting to project herself as among the few with compassion.

This cannot be farther from the truth.  Based on her association with Weinstein, it is clear that Wilde is a lackey of the establishment solely for her personal aggrandizement. 

The only cause that matters to this particular activist is herself.

She attacked Jordan Peterson and '"ncels" in the hope that her fellow liberals would support her film.

Wilde is the AOC of Hollywood.

Wilde would most likely regard this comparison as a compliment.

Megyn Kelly excoriated Wilde on her show recently.

It was the right thing to do.

Image: Screen shot from Piers Morgan Uncensored via YouTube.

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