Hillary Clinton pops out of the woodwork, warning that Republicans will 'literally steal' the coming elections

As midterms approach, and a shellacking ensues, things are getting mighty paranoid over on the donkey side of the political equation.

This brings us to Hillary Clinton, who's come out of the woods to make a video to rally the Democrat faithful:

"Right wing extremists already have a plan to literally steal the next presidential election," she intoned in that flat, hectoring voice of hers, splitting her infinitive.

It's not an original thought on her.  She's been making this claim for years, even as her own party steals elections, as a warning to the Democrat faithful that this is an election they are entitled to win.

Not a word about Democrat failures — from inflation to crime to open borders to Critical Race Theory, not a word about the huge swing seen among Latinos, and lesser swings among young people, Blacks, Asians, suburban women, and others who are now casting votes for Republicans for the first time. 

For all her blather about Republicans "literally" stealing elections, she offers not one scintilla of proof that GOP cheating is actually about to go down, based on what's heard on her video.

None of that matters to Hillary, because in her mind, elections aren't free, nor fair, unless the Democrat wins.  Democrats alone are entitled to win.

This is what lost her the election to Donald Trump back in 2016, and to her discredit, she didn't stop plotting.  For someone so imbued with the entitlement mentality, it stung her ego.  So she so badly wanted her loss to Trump to have been a matter of a stolen election and not a problem with her history of corruption, her tendency to fall down, her very bad socialist ideas, her stilted and hectoring delivery, or her insistence that half the electorate are "deplorables."

A lot of entitled Democrats are going with this argument — MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace has called for foreign election observers to judge our elections, so the talking points have gone out.

The paranoia is on.

The "we was robbed" argument she is making now on behalf of some big-money political organization is the exact same one she made in 2016.  She hasn't changed a bit.  She's still stewing after all these years and almost desperately wants the problems in her party to be a matter of theft, not behavior and policy.

Her act is old now, her claims are tired, and she hasn't learned a thing.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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