Here comes the October surprise!

The tactic described as the October surprise holds the juiciest fruits of opposition research until late in the election cycle.  The key is to save the reveal until it's too late to elicit an effective response.  With the modern plethora of media outlets ready, willing, and able to leak campaign secrets or propaganda, the problem has been to keep the scoop under wraps long enough to limit the target's response.  With the pitiful slate of Democrat candidates and the party's failed policies wreaking havoc on our nation and the economy, it seems the Dems have been emptying their bag of tricks prematurely.

You still know it's coming soon — even though those wacky Dems have already launched their September surprise.  And their August surprise.  And their June and July surprises.  They would have a daily surprise if they could keep their weak sisters in the media up to speed. 

They need something like the leak of the Supreme Court reversal of the Roe decision to yield a sufficient "surprise."  They've already pedaled their Student Loan Forgiveness surprise bomb.  If Merrick Garland could have held his horses a bit longer, the FBI's raid on Donald Trump's home at Mar-a-Lago could have been the perfect October surprise.  Launched prematurely, the raid has been exposed and turned into a liability for the Dems.

Maybe it's a bit nostalgic to call these mostly fictional bombshells surprises anymore.  The biggest surprise would be for the Democrats to run honest campaigns and lighten up on the slander and libel.

Here are some suggestions for the Democrats, who seem woefully short of them these days.  But remember, the surprises could come from either side of the aisle:

Now, if Mitt Romney, Liz Cheney, and Lisa Murkowski were to announce that they were joining the Democrat party, it would be news, but certainly no surprise.  Likewise with the possibility of Joe Manchin turning Republican.  He's damaged goods and no longer a possible asset: anyone who could get slickered by Feeble Joe Biden couldn't possibly be of much use.

Maybe Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi could convince one of their cafeteria Catholic supportive priests to serve them Communion in an abortion facility.

Or an enterprising media outlet could dig up an old video featuring Kamala Harris and Willie Brown.

Joe Biden could try to claw back the blacks he's losing by issuing an executive order starting the payment of reparations to the supposed living descendants of the victims of slavery.

Maybe a leak from a "prominent researcher" suggesting that Donald Trump could be Patient One for the MonkeyPox.

Would it surprise you if Merrick Garland ordered a raid on the home of Supreme Court justice Neil Gorsuch, the man who filled the vacancy on the Court that Garland is certain rightfully belongs to him?

The Biden administration could announce the retirement of Karine Jean-Pierre as White House spokesperson, to be replaced by John Fetterman of Pennsylvania, who will be retiring from the race for the open Senate seat in Pennsylvania.

Lord knows, Dr. Jill Biden can provide a fashion surprise at any time.  I'm afraid to speculate what fashion emergency she will come up with next.

The real surprise would be if Joe Biden got something right.

In any case, be aware.  It is October, and there will be surprises, more than likely emanating from the Democrat party and amplified by their accomplices in the state-run media.  You could set your calendar by it.

Ralph Alter is an art dealer and regular contributor to American Thinker.

Image: Public Domain.

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