German government set to burn nearly €6 billion's worth of expired face masks during energy crisis

What does a Green nation do when it can't get fuel?  Well, it burns chemical-laden and toxic masks, of course!

If you will, follow this (very brief) timeline of events: Trump warned them, they scoffed, and now they're burning COVID masks for heat.

So who are they?

"They" are the elitists at the helm of the German government, running the country into the ground, all in the name of climate alarmism.

But who do the German people think they are, placing undue expectations on public servants to prioritize citizens' prosperity over Big Government altruism?  "They" are from the government, and "they" are only here to help.  The audacity.

According to Bloomberg, the federal health ministry called for nearly 800 million unused surgical masks to be "thermally dispose[d]" of, and get this: the taxpayers footed the bill to the tune of...six.  Billion.  Euros.  But the government incompetence (or corruption) gets worse:

Former Health Minister Jens Spahn was criticized at the time for excessive procurement and for using personal connections to buy [the] masks[.]

Fortunately, another federal agency independently came to the rescue, ensuring that the masks wouldn't simply go to waste, but rather could be used!

Sure is convenient, given the fact that the politicians have created quite the predicament as the country rolls into a cold winter.  Per the Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation, Nuclear Safety and Consumer Protection, "Waste incineration also offers the possibility of generating electricity and heat."

So what can we learn from the above-mentioned chronology?

First, Trump was right — a quick but obvious observation worth noting, because it's one more data point in a glorious trend (especially as we consider that Trump may soon be testifying in front of the J6 theater).

Secondly, premature gloating is a fool's errand.  How embarrassing it would be to have your most ignorant moments captured on video, and then broadcast across conservative media as the butt of every joke.  For a refresher, see below:

Thirdly, "Green" energy is not the solution to affordable and independent energy, and any efforts to paint it as such are at best half-baked and at worst intentional, and ushering in another wave of totalitarian subjugation at the hands of the German government.

Hey, at least this time, the German leftists are burning garbage and not books.

Image: Free image, Pixabay license, no attribution required.

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