Fetterman pans Oz for drinking red wine at a Pennsylvania tailgate — and gets owned by the locals

With polls tightening and the U.S. Senate race coming down the wire in Pennsylvania, Democrat John Fetterman has resorted to ad hominem attacks to distract from his sorry record — and the stupider and pettier, the better.

He's down to calling his Republican rival, Mehmet "Dr. Oz" Oz, a puppy-killer, a bad doctor, a guy who looks like some character in The Simpsons...and, heaven forfend, a man who drinks red wine instead of beer at tailgates:

That didn't go over well with regular Pennsylvanians, who drink wine and beer at tailgate parties, and didn't particularly like being stereotyped rather narrowly as beer-drinking hardhats.

On Twitter, Fetterman got responses like this:

Yes, Pennsylvanians, like everyone else, enjoy wine and beer at tailgate parties.  Oz is hardly inappropriate here in this picture holding a plastic cup of red wine with some young people who are holding two red cups of what might be beer or soda or even water between themselves.  The plastic cup suggests that red wine was being served, probably out of a box, to lots of tailgate party attendees.  Wine is popular and available to people of all classes, as any aficionado of Two Buck Chuck can attest.  It's even considered healthy, according to many studies, so Oz was going healthy, an appropriate thing for a medical doctor to do, and hardly a classist thing.

What I think is happening here is that Fetterman, or someone in his camp, was aware of a famous story, which I believe I read in the 1980 Official Preppy Handbook, about how patrician pol Sargent Shriver, out on the campaign trail several decades ago, walked into a West Virginia tavern full of coal miners, and loudly announced: "Bartender, a round of beers for the boys...and a Courvoisier for me!"

...which could very well mean that Fetterman is an avid reader of the Preppy Handbook, something that doesn't exactly make him a hardhat himself.

Many observers, Pennsylvanian and otherwise, pointed to Fetterman's obvious patrician background, which is so at odds with his suggestion that regular guys only drink beer at tailgates:

So maybe he would have been wise to sit that one out.

In any case, it's as good an explanation as any for why he's going down in the polls.  Pennsylvanian voters don't like phonies.

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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