European Public Prosecutor's Office announces it is investigating COVID-19 vaccines

This report is tantalizing (no paywall):

The European Public Prosecutor's Office (EPPO) said it has an "ongoing investigation into the acquisition of COVID-19 vaccines in the European Union."

"This exceptional confirmation comes after the extremely high public interest. No further details will be made public at this stage," the office said in a statement. (snip)

"We cannot share more than we did in our statement. If there are any developments we can share, we will do so proactively (as we did today),

As The Epoch Times report above notes, the EPPO was created by the European Union last year and is responsible for investigating and prosecuting "crimes against the financial interests of the EU."

It is only speculation, of course, but the report of this investigation follows by just a few days the revelation in testimony by a Pfizer senior executive before the European Parliament that its vaccine was never tested for efficacy in stopping transmission of COVID-19, despite being sold to E.U. members (for billions and billions of euros) on that basis.  Here is a video from E.U. parliament member Rob Roos that includes his questioning of the Pfizer executive:

Roos also spoke to Tucker Carlson about it.

Photo credit: Rumble video screen grab.

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