Elon Musk 'flips the bird' to a new level on Twitter -- and the left has a cow

There's nothing like watching the upending of the status quo in real time -- and sure enough, we are seeing it as Elon Musk takes his new Twitter plaything out for a spin, having great fun in the freedom ride.

He changed his Twitter descriptor to "Chief Twit":







There were spendid firings of the arrogant and entitled old guard, all thrown out on their keisters:





And more promises for freedom, including Musk revoking lifetime bans:



And what the heck, trolling from world leaders:



Some say this is fake, but it's pretty funny. We all are waiting for what Trump has to say about this:


Memes abounded and soon it was party time:







Meanwhile, on the left, bitterness and hypocrisy smoldered -- here are a couple of them burning away, alongside right-wing smackdowns:





Plus a euro-Karen weighing in with a scold:



You can't make this stuff up.

Musk, of course, knows exactly what he's doing here. By making Twitter fun again, he's bringing life to his new company, new creativity, fresh air, and likely new business. The old prison-guard censors are gone. The irreverence is back with a vengeance. The creativity can flow again. The bad guys are out on their ears.

Musk paid a lot for Twitter, so it all makes sense to make the site new and lively again, just as he's done with so many of his companies. It's also pretty in tune with the times as midterms approach and a shellacking of the failed status quo is imminent. Musk knows nothing if he doesn't understand the Zeitgeist. He does.

Image: Meme, Right to Bear Memes, Grand Old Memes

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