Election fraud in Pennsylvania -- and how to stop it

If you believe that there was significant electoral fraud in the 2020 election, the big question you have today is: “What’s changed?” What will make the 2022 midterms any different from 2020? This is even more pressing in places where there is any question of fraud in the primaries.  

It’s late, but there is still time to address the problem, as we must if we wish to avoid seeing our representative republic—in which voters choose their representatives—suffer a fatal blow.  

We write as citizens who have published a book filled with hard, physical evidence that the 2020 election was stolen.

We released “The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception” on August 9, 2022, describing in detail who, what, when, where,  and how the massive election fraud was perpetrated. We have proof that approximately 70,000 real mail-in ballots were secreted away, and approximately 120,000 fake mail-in ballots were injected into the election in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Tens of thousands more votes were fraudulently infused, to unilaterally deliver the approximately 80,000 votes used to declare Joe Biden and an equally corrupt undercard, the “winners” in the 2020 election in Pennsylvania. We called this phenomenon, whereby fake ballots were substituted for real ones, a “Parallel Election.” We have further documented this on the social media platform  https://www.patriot.online/

We have the receipts, affidavits, documents, video and audio admissions by election officials—and even the admissions in opposing lawyers' own court filings and responses—that the election was stolen, and at a minimum should be decertified in  Pennsylvania. Furthermore, we have two ongoing lawsuits in the appellate trajectory making this point.  

We believe that the same actors did the exact same thing, in the exact same way, in the May 2022 primary in Pennsylvania; so much so, that it is impossible to even know who all the beneficiaries—and losers—are anymore. 

With unreconciled, fraudulent returns of 109% of registered voters counted in Allegheny County (Pittsburgh), Pennsylvania—not the expected 20%-25% that normally turn out to vote in a midterm—the 2022 primary was a quagmire of deception and ineptitude that will likely be repeated for the upcoming November 2022 election in Pennsylvania. 

The way the election fraud and “parallel election” is done can be summarized as: 

  • Real citizen votes are not counted, and fake ballots are filled in for them.

  • Tens of thousands of real ballots are removed from the counting process and fake ballots are inserted in key counties and states. 

  • Hundreds of thousands of electronic votes are infused in key swing states and counties, using removable storage devices, (vDrives and SD drives) where mail-in ballots alone are insufficient in creating the desired outcome. 

We reported last week on “Emerald Robinson: The Absolute Truth” that in Delaware County, and counties around Pennsylvania, mail-in ballots were sent out without testing the machines that will process them—again. When those mail-in ballots and ballots at targeted polling locations cannot be read—again—they will be stuffed in boxes and bags, ostensibly for curation and remediation—again—and thrown away—again—and fake ballots will be inserted—again. 

Given the callous disregard of election law by local Boards of Elections, your mail-in ballots will quite possibly not be the ones counted—and the votes of anyone who shows up in person may be negated after election day by electronically adding votes to achieve the desired outcome of bad actors. 

Every citizen needs to vote. And if the people charged with processing and counting your votes perform their lawful duties, as we expect many will, then the level of difficulty for stealing the election by a relative handful of bad actors will (hopefully) be too high to overcome. 

We have recommended some fixes that will take a commitment from the citizenry  and the candidates to implement: 

1. All citizens should vote, preferably in person, but by postmarked mail at least several days before the election. 

2. Certified poll watchers and candidate attorneys, by law, can challenge the pedigree and validity of every ballot. They must immediately inspect unsealed election returns on the eve of the election.  

3. Candidates should file immediate lawsuits and seek injunctions to make their respective Boards and Bureaus of Elections comply with the law and cure the Logic and Accuracy testing mess they have made by mailing millions of ballots that have not been tested.  

4. Candidates and their attorneys then need to proactively obtain court orders documenting the mail-in and removable electronic media procedures, and provide them to poll watchers, precinct Judge of Elections, and Counting  Center Clerks of Elections. 

5. Every mail-in ballot envelope must be verified against the voter list—every single one. The ballot that is extracted from that verified envelope must be physically observed—“eyeballs on”—to the scanner that will record the vote. 

6. For USB vDrives and SSD (Solid State Drives) electronic devices that will be inserted in tabulation servers, a “strict chain of custody” required by law, must be enforced. 

7. Candidates should demand, through their attorneys, and the courts, that passive ethernet cable sniffers be deployed to check for any network traffic that is not local, or otherwise anomalous. 

8. Candidates should also consider emergency injunctions and demand that  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, infrared (IR), and RF sniffers should be placed in all central counting centers, and actively monitored for anomalous activity,  and procedures established if such activity is observed. 

9. For centralized counting centers, which are public locations, poll watchers should be specifically allowed to video anything that does not expose or connect a voter to a ballot.  

10. The 2020 election spawned a new class of “observers,” not defined by any previous election laws or code without any rights. Election law—including litigation like In Re: Canvassing Observations ruled on by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court—restricted the rights of “observers” but left the rights of candidates, candidate attorneys, and the candidate’s certified poll watchers intact. Citizens who want to get involved need to become “certified poll  watchers.” 

11. Good men and women, who have sworn oaths to serve our nation, states,  and communities, as law enforcement officers must put our Republic first,  and enforce the law, or are simply hired guns that serve some local boss. 

Lastly, have faith, have courage, and be brave. Do that for yourselves, your conscience, your humanity, and our Republic.

Gregory Stenstrom and Leah Hoopes are the authors of “The Parallel Election: A Blueprint for Deception,” which was released this year.

Image: Book cover, from authors

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