Eight things that killed the Democrat Party

The old Democrat Party is gone. In its place is a radical Libertine Party, full of itself and full of radical sexual, cultural, and economic ideas that have all but killed their chances of ever getting legitimately elected again. The following eight things are what I believe has murdered the Democrat Party in its sleep:

  1. CRT: Critical Race Theory in all its permutations, regardless of its origins and history, has become the banner of anti-white racism, disguising itself as "anti-racism." Under its banner, white people are told they are worthless, toxic, hateful oppressors. Worse, companies are actually hiring people who promote this toxicity and schools are teaching students to hate white people. Now out in the open, anti-white racism has created a hate-filled atmosphere of constant tension and dissension, where the only thing that matters, first and foremost, is skin color. This can only be laid at the feet of Democrats.
  2. TRANS WOMEN IN WOMEN'S SPORTS: The gross unfairness of allowing men into women's sports (no, I will not call them "women") is so blatant and outrageous, that proponents are seen not merely as insane, but malevolent. The destruction of women's sports is viewed by all rational people as evil in the name of wokeness.
  3. CORRUPTION IN THE FBI: The malicious and ethics-free raid on Mar-a-Lago is viewed even by many Democrats and all Republicans as vicious political intimidation, with the goal of destroying any followers of Donald Trump. This began in earnest during the "Russia collusion" case and saw its culmination in midnight raids of innocent conservatives revealing a hateful, vengeful vigilantism on the part of the radical left. In the hope that supporters of Trump and other conservative candidates would drop out of politics in fear of similar reprisals, these Gestapo tactics have not only solidified Trump's support and the support of even moderately conservative candidates, but have shown the Left to be petty children in a deranged, red-haze temper tantrum.
  4. COVID MASK AND VACCINE MANDATES: Certainly a show of power rather than anything prophylactic against COVID, blue states and leftist groups have revealed that they know the masks do not prevent COVID, but instead are a symbol of big-government Stasi tactics designed to subjugate the citizenry in order to prepare them for eventual control.
  5. DRAG QUEENS IN THE SCHOOLS: Young children have been indoctrinated into sexual fetishism and perverse sexual behavior at the behest of school administrators and leftist parents who seem to see nothing morally wrong with gay men dressing up as women in highly sexually-suggestive costumery and behavior. Why they are doing this has become clear: They want to break down all parental control over children and indoctrinate them into pedophilia, perversity, and compliance. For most parents, this was a bustier too far.
  6. THE ECONOMY: From the start in 2021 when Joe Biden killed the Keystone pipeline and halted all drilling and new permits, the economy began tanking. Gas prices, supply line problems, paying people not to work, profligate spending, and other avoidable problems has hit the average American smack dab in the wallet. No matter how much the Biden administration denies their role in inflation and no matter how many times Joe says the economy is "strong as hell," Americans watch their buying power dwindle. They want relief and it is clear they will not get it from the Democrat Party.
  7. ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION: From day one, the borders were flung open by the Democrat Party to drug traffickers, murderers, and myriad other miscreants in the hope they would be new Democrat votes. As a result, crime is rampant, blue cities under Democrat rule are suffering and homelessness is on the rise, all the while Biden spokespeople are claiming the "border is closed." Squealing like stuck pigs, places like New York City which have reluctantly become home to Texas' illegals, have seen a marked inability to safely house the very illegals they claim to have wanted to live in their "sanctuary city."
  8. CRIME: Because of the Democrat rule in blue cities, crime is not being prosecuted in the name of some weird kind of reparations. What the Democrats don't get is that they hurt their own innocent population by allowing criminals a get-out-jail-free card, and by not prosecuting at all. Their racist policies hurt the very people they claim to want to help. Why are they doing this? To deliberately create chaos in the execution of anti-white racism. The one solution to the rising crime rate, the prosecution and incarceration of criminals, is the one thing blue cities under Democrat rule will not do. Mayor Lightfoot makes weird and demonic home videos of herself dancing around in what appears to be a drugged stupor. Rather than be a responsible mayor, she has totally ignored the death-by-violence rate in Chicago. This is another very clear example of Democrats doing what they do best; destroying things.

All this is happening under Democrat governance and it is clear even to Democrat voters of good will that their party is no longer serving them but is serving Luciferian ends.

Image: Doug Mercado

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