Democrats must be voted out of office for at least a generation

                                                                                    They don’t care about you.

                                                                                                Tucker Carlson, Aug. 4, 2022

The election of Donald Trump in 2016 was an emergency.

Disgust by ordinary Americans with the greedy, incompetent, and generally none-too-bright elites ruining the United States boiled over and someone not a member of the D.C. “in-crowd” was elected president.

The squealing started immediately.  Since Hillary Clinton’s and the DNC’s bought-and-paid-for Russia hoax had not prevented Trump from getting elected, the self-described “saviors of our democracy” began, not self-aware enough to notice the irony, working to nullify the people’s vote.  The self-appointed guardians of democracy began impeaching him for whatever they could find. They fabricated lies and sabotaged him in every way possible. 

A repeat could not be permitted in 2020.  What passes for our “news” media, in concert with the Democrat party, began a steady stream of slanders:  Trump said he grabbed women by the “p***y” (which he did not). Trump said people should inject themselves with bleach to cure the coronavirus (which he did not), etc.  The Hunter Biden laptop scandal was covered up by a gaggle of cynical fixers to help out Joe Biden who could not escape his basement most of the time and often did not know which state he was in when he did.

Miraculously, the COVID pandemic appeared just in the nick of time to provide something to blame on Trump and justify massive mail-in voting, which, Jimmy Carter’s commission had concluded, offers great opportunities for cheating. 

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, apparently agreeing with Josef Stalin’s view that it doesn’t matter who votes but only who “counts” the votes, spent $400 million to put his own people in place to “count” the 2020 vote.  Consequently, instead of getting the vote-count in 24 hours or so, as most countries do, it suddenly took forever to get the vote count done.  It takes time to get the numbers “right.”  Not surprisingly, the Zuckerbucks $400 million army counted poor old Joe to victory and, more important, you’re not allowed to ask about it because that makes you (wait for it) an “election denier”  which is a new term created to put the offender in the class of potential insurrectionists.

One could, of course, understand why all the elitist self-appointed geniuses were so unhappy with Trump’s first term.  Trump, according to one of their favourite ad hominem fallacies, was only a reality T.V. host who didn’t know anything, and accomplished nothing in his first term - well, except that inflation was at 1.4% in Trump’s last year, illegal immigration was at its lowest in decades, and crime was down across the country. North Korea had stopped nuclear and ballistic missile testing and Dear Leader offered to denuclearize, Trump’s Operation “Warp Speed” produced three vaccines for COVID that the geniuses, including the suddenly very wealthy Lord Fauci, had said could not be done. The “Abraham Accords” between Israel and several Arab countries were signed, at long last making peace in the Middle East look like a genuine possibility for the first time in six decades. China signed fair-trade agreements with the United States, and so on

Fortunately, the virus hit in the nick of time so that the Democrat-media complex could blame it on Trump and install basement Biden in the White House in 2020. 

What the Democrats did not bother to tell the “deplorables” was that they were going to embark on multi-trillion dollar spending bills for all their pet leftist projects and drive inflation up to 8% or 9%, or that they would hastily pull out of Afghanistan resulting in 13 American military people being blown to bits on the way out, hundreds more injured, billions in military equipment left behind for our enemies, and thousands of Americans and our allies left behind. After that huge public fiasco, Joe Biden then arrogantly said it was an “extraordinary success.” Meanwhile, the Democrats' beloved teachers unions would use the pandemic to refuse to open schools, introduce “critical race theory” and inappropriate sexual content into schools, even for very young children, and would arrogantly enforce oppressive mask mandates on schools that later were admitted to be ineffective and to have harmed children. Democrats also never told the "deplorables" that billions would be stolen from the taxpayers in COVID relief aid, that Joe would open the southern border, and flood the country with illegal aliens from all over the world and fly them under cover of darkness to cities all across the country but not of course to their quaint mostly-white safe Utopias where they themselves live, or that they would lie repeatedly that the southern border is secure and cede control of it to Mexican drug gangs so that Fentanyl and other deadly drugs could flood across the border and kill a hundred thousand Americans a year. They never said that they were going to side with criminals against ordinary citizens causing crime and murders to spike all across the nation so that businesses must close and people are afraid to get on subways or even leave their homes, or that Biden would say that if Vladimir Putin only made a “minor incursion” into Ukraine, it might not be a big deal, which was immediately seen by Russia as a green light to invade Ukraine. They never told Americans about their supply chain disruptions, or that a suddenly aggressive China would humiliate Biden’s Secretary of State on American soil and establish possible military footholds in Latin America, threatening the U.S. and Taiwan and regularly invading its air space with fleets of “nuke bombers,” or that North Korea would resume its nuclear program and start firing ballistic missiles over Japanese territory, or that Joe Biden's vice president would call for race-based government relief after Hurricane Ian, or that after promising to heal the divisions in the country, Biden would accuse half the country of being “semi-fascists,” or that Biden would refuse to take responsibility for anything and so on ad nauseam

The Democrats did not campaign on any of this. They said Biden was a moderate who would restore normality.  But when they got control, they cynically decided to shove their pet leftist projects down the people’s throats whether the American people liked it or not and then blamed the inevitable destruction on others. 

Fox News host Tucker Carlson was right.  The Democrats don’t care about you.  They don’t respect you. They don’t like the United States, either.  You are stupid, a hick, a redneck, a racist, maybe an insurrectionist, that must, for the good of the elite’s enormous bank accounts and power, be silenced.  Democrats see the American people as sheep to be controlled rather than rational beings to be persuaded.

The Democrats cannot be trusted in future elections to inform the voters of their real agenda ahead of the vote.  They will tell you they are moderates and then after getting elected they will shove as much of their destructive leftist agenda down your throats as they can.  They cannot, therefore, be put back into power again until they purge their party of the ideological radicals that have driven them to this hatred for America.  Voting them out of office for 4 or 8 years will not be sufficient. They must be kept out of office for a whole generation before they learn their lesson and purge their party of radicalism, arrogance and dishonesty.  It will also take an entire generation of common-sense conservative rule to repair the damage that the Biden administration has intentionally done to the country in two short years.

Image: Vincent Le Moign, via Wikimedia Commons // CC BY-SA 4.0

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