Democrats get all mealy-mouthed about ousting flamingly racist Los Angeles city council members

In Los Angeles, the truth leaked out: Three top Latino Democrat bigshots running the city through its council, Council President Nury Martinez, and council members Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León, along with a top public employee union leader, Ron Herrera, are flaming racists.

One of them, the council president, Nury Martinez, was caught on a leaked tape calling a black two-year-old child 'like a monkey' and said she'd like to give the toddler "a beatdown." Another, council member Kevin de León, compared the child with his two white gay parents as a thing they carried around like a "handbag." Martinez refered to their fellow city council member, as "a little b***."

They also spewed antisemitism and even anti-Armenian insults -- "Jews cut their deal with South L.A.," Martinez cynically sneered as the three of them discussed redistricting decisions they didn't like. “They are gonna screw everybody else,” Martinez said in the recording. 

An Armenian was described by Martinez as "the guy with the one eyebrow." 

There also was anti-indigenous Mexican racism from this bunch -- even de León, who is of Guatemalan heritage -- which was obviously a carryover from their own elitist backgrounds that are common in Mexico, with insults directed at indigenous people from Oaxaca state because they are "little, short, dark, people" who are "tan feo,' as Martinez put it, or, "so ugly." The audio is here.

Eeew. Their racism flowed like an unflushed overflowing toilet and man, it stunk. 

All of the participants in this leftist kaffeeklasch were Democrats, a fact the media chose to ignore, and every one of them was a well-hailed star of their party, often hailed as "the first Latina" or "the first Latino" whatever, which Democrats like to do when the person they are boosting is a Democrat.

What's the Democrat response to the unmasking of these creepy, cynical, racist corrupt characters?

Mealy mouthed condemnations and little else.

Joe Biden is the latest, where he said, through his spokeswoman, Karine Jean-Pierre, but not directly, that the three council members "should" resign.

At a press conference Tuesday, Jean-Pierre said President Biden believes all politicians should be held accountable for racist language, including Democratic leaders who are leading one of the most liberal leaning cities in the country. 

"The President is glad to see that one of the participants in that conversation has resigned," Jean-Pierre said [speaking of Herrera the union leader]. "He believes that they all should resign. The language that was used during that conversation was unacceptable and it was appalling."

Unacceptable. Appalling. This from the guy who set up a whole unit to root out all that racism he claims is infesting the U.S. military.  They "should" resign, as Joe puts it, but there's no thunder there and he lets a flunky say it.

How about some others? 

Karen Bass, who's been allied to these characters in her quest for the mayor's office, where she is the frontrunner, condemned the racism, but stopped short of telling the racists to get the heck out. Bass is black, and as Martinez would put it "with the blacks."



Seems she's concerned with how the turnout might end up come November.

First off, the three of them, as of this writing, are still in office. Cedillo got voted out in the last election, so he'll leave only when he has to. The other two don't suggest any plans to resign at all. Steven Hayward, writing at Power Line, notes that Martinez makes a $207,000 salary, which might just be why she doesn't think she has to go. The latest is that she's now taking a leave of absence, perhaps to evade the political heat by just hunkering down. It would be interesting to know if that's a paid leave.

Lots of other local eminentos have called on these characters to resign.

According to the Los Angeles Times:

Councilmembers Nithya Raman, Paul Koretz, Marqueece Harris-Dawson, Mitch O’Farrell, Heather Hutt and Bonin have all called on Martinez to resign.

They all have their axes to grind and serve as rivals to the exposed racists, but don't think that at least some of them don't talk that way among their pals themselves.

In short, it's a completely inadequate reaction.

Even The View tried to cover for them, omitting the inconvenient detail about all four of the racists being Democrats:




Which pretty well highlights what this mealy-mouthed reaction is all about.

The four caught-on-tape racist Democrats all wield tremendous power in Los Angeles, with a gargantuan multibillion-dollar budget, the power to award contracts, and the power to say what gets done and not done. Martinez voted 'yes' to rip out $150 million from the LAPD police budget in 2020, as part of the Black Lives Matter pile-on. They are not only powerful, they run a powerful political machine, one that has been in conflicts with "the blacks" as Martinez put it, and which resentfully considers black people as having too much political power in the city. Everything is about color-counting with these people, there's no such thing as principles. At Power Line, John Hinderaker noted that Martinez's claim to have made her racist remarks were a product of anger and the heat of the moment was bogus, writing:

"The conversation reflects cold, cynical political calculation, not frustration and anger."

Since they wield this power in Los Angeles and well into Sacramento and Washington, a death-blow has been struck. Every Democrat who's in hock to them and expects them to help them out is hesitant to say anything about the scandal, let alone condemn it beyond just cursory condemnations. Sure they call for this bunch to resign, and the union leader has, but they don't mean it.

Their mealy mouthed stern warnings seem to be a bid to keep them in place so as to hold on to a piece of that power they get from them, until the whole scandal blows over.

That's why they don't do anything more than cursorily condemn the racist talk. Nobody's forcing these characters to resign, and the three racists can obviously see that because they aren't resigning. Martinez tried to gaslight the public by claiming she was resigning her city council president seat, but she kept the cash-paying one, her city council seat and continued to hold onto power. De León and Cedillo issued loud and disingenuous apologies, but didn't quit office. This, despite the obvious public relations problem for the Democrats, which includes the inclination of about a quarter of the black vote, at least, to head on to the Republicans this November. There was a reaction in city hall on Tuesday -- see this Twitter thread here -- but still no resignations -- the racists have calculated that they can just ride this out and everythin will eventually go back to normal.

Not only are Democrats losing black votes anyway, the same can be said of Latino votes, which must include some of those insulted Oaxacans and anyone sympathetic to them after these elites mocked them. 

As of this writing, nobody's out a job other than the union chief, the political elites have decided they can just ride this out. That leaves them a millstone around the Democrats' necks as elections approach, and thus far, the Democrats aren't strong enough to push them out. Obviously, some kind of power is at stake, the racists and their Democrat enablers don't intend to give it up, the apologies and ablutions are window dressing, but the reality here is that Democrats themselves don't want to see them give it up and get out. 

What an ugly picture.

Image: Twitter screen shot

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