Democrats blame latinidad, not their own Democrat culture, for racist leaders on the Los Angeles City Council

As protesters, drummers, sign-wavers, and dancers engulfed the Los Angeles City Council in the past two days over the racist guffaws of three Democrat council members caught on tape, there's a push coming from the left to blame the whole fiasco on Latin culture.

Not Democrat culture, despite the perpetrators being some of the most powerful Democrats in the state, and Democrats being the party of the Klan.  No, it was their latinidad that made them do it.

The protesters, who appeared to be all leftists, weren't buying it.

The protesters' immediate aim was to get the three city council members out of there, and they did manage to claim one hide:

The other two Democrats on the council, Gil Cedillo and Kevin de León, continue to cling to power.

Council member and former council president Nury Martinez's resignation, though, was typically Democrat, effectively hailing her "first Latina" achievements.  Hillary Clinton–style, she used her resignation to address all little girls about what an inspiration she was, even as she was being ousted for spewing racist claptrap just like the Klan.

It was gack-worthy, but utterly Democrat to the core, and taken straight from the Democrat playbook.

Cedillo and de León are Democrats to the core, too, definers of the party, with de León taking credit for making Los Angeles a sanctuary city and Cedillo working out the details to get illegals driver's licenses, two unpopular ideas that have driven many Latino voters to Republicans.

Now the race is on to say, "Look, squirrel" about this incident, distracting from the real issue that Democrats have a racist culture, which is in evidence with de León and Cedillo being left in place as Martinez takes the fall, and Latin American culture taking the blame for the whole ugly festival of ethnic contempt and slurs.  I don't know any Latino people who talk like that.  Do you?  The Oaxacan immigrants who were the targets of the slurs might know about this — from Mexico's elites, not the U.S., as they presumably came here to get away from that.

But the bid to blame latinidad, instead of Democrats, who view every human being they run into as a bean-counting matter of color, is forming: 

Yeah, but Nury and her pals are Americans.  They were all raised here and became Democrats.  Martinez doesn't even put an accent on her name, and de León added his only later to get that "authentic" look.

It's all a little rich.  Democrats with their obsessive interest in identity politics and racial bean-counting are a Petri dish for racism.  Continue to look at the color of a person's skin as "representation," continue to deny the humanity of a person "of color" who doesn't buy Democrat policies, and continue to view "race" and grievance politics as primal, and it doesn't take long for racism to form.

It makes sense, given that Democrats have always been obsessed with "bloodlines" and have viewed horrible institutions such as Planned Parenthood as basically eugenics projects for racial "purity."  It's why they've gone so easily from the party of the Confederates and Copperheads, the party of the Klan, Jim Crow, and Bull Connor, to the racists behind closed doors we see today.  Martinez and Co. weren't practicing Latin American politics; they were practicing Democrat politics.  That's where the blame belongs, and as black and Latino voters exit the Democrat party in large numbers now, it's obvious the voters are on to it.  

Image: Twitter screen shot.

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