‘Conservative’ commentator suggests Republicans buck America First candidates because…. ‘character’ and ‘democracy’

Two days ago, The Atlantic published an essay by David French, a high-profile “conservative” commentator and “theological” Christian. In reference to the upcoming midterms, and specifically the Senate race between Herschel Walker and Raphael Warnock, French wrote:

If ever there were a time and place for a thoughtful, patriotic conservative to vote third party or perhaps even vote for a reasonable Democrat, it’s the 2022 election in Georgia.

Warnock, the “Christian” pastor who co-sponsored the radically pro-abortion “Women’s Health Protection Act” is a “reasonable” man? It’s “reasonable” that Warnock, a politician who stumped on the cruelty of eviction, leads a church which is currently seeking to oust its own underprivileged tenants? All while he himself draws a six-figure annual salary, and a nearly $7.5k monthly housing allowance?

French also writes, “Every voter should presume that Walker, if he wins, will do exactly what Trump demands.” Sorry to upset the apple cart, but that’s exactly what the people like about Walker — he’s a Trump ally and espouses American values and supports America first policy.

The entire point of French’s essay boils down to this: “democracy is at stake” if America First ideologues like Trump and Walker are elected into roles of political leadership, but Democrats are too stubborn to cede any ground on their the radical abortion position to ally with like-minded “conservatives” to save the country.

Furthermore, according to French and for the sake of “character” and “democracy”, it’s time Republicans stick to their moral principles and refuse to vote for “debauched” candidates — in layman’s terms, fallible men who support Donald Trump. Maybe the “theological Christian” Mr. French ought to revisit the history of King David? If I recall correctly, King David once orchestrated the death of a loyal ally, in an attempt to cover an adulterous affair with the deceased man’s wife; yet David was still a man “after God’s own heart.”

As we all know, there is a war going on within the Republican Party, between us pro-America Constitutional conservatives and the Establishment dynasties like the McCains and the Cheneys and their lackeys — French dubs our triumphs as a “dark turn.” Unironically, French must be a supporter of Nancy Pelosi’s political theater, because he refers to the events on January 6th, 2021 as “the most dangerous moment in modern American political history.” (Really? More dangerous than a federal agency persecuting political opponents of the Regime?) To French, the historical anomalies of November 2020 are “election conspiracies” and Walker is an “election denier” for suggesting the election was in fact not the most secure in history.

Growing up, I spent portions of my summers with my conservative grandparents, and much to my aggravation at the time, I received a crash course in what every conservative should know: Vince Foster, the consequences of unchecked spending, and the phrase “you can’t tell the players without a scorecard” — and David French provides us with the perfect reminder to implement the last bit of my inherited wisdom. There are leftist operatives everywhere, masquerading as allies, and through insidious means like ‘reasoned’ and ‘moral’ essays published by academic-oriented outlets like The Atlantic, these infiltrators are slowly eroding our conservative foundations. It’s time we throw off Reagan’s command to “never attack a fellow Republican” because these people aren’t Republicans at all, and an anti-American agenda ought to be confronted and questioned, even when that person has an “R” next to their name.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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