‘Civil servants’ in Arizona use their official capacity to openly campaign for Democrats

In Arizona, the election process and its officials are once again in the hot seat, but this time, it’s Pima County Recorder Gabriella Cázares-Kelly who’s under fire; and shocker, she’s a “progressive” with pronouns.

If you recall, Arizona’s 2020 elections were plagued with concerns and apparent issues, none of which the Republican-held legislature chose to rectify in the two law-making sessions since. Now, Cázares-Kelly, the very woman responsible for verifying the ‘vote-by-mail’ signatures, has been caught red-handed stacking the cards against Republicans.

Southern Arizona is largely ruled by what is locally known as the Grijalva Dynasty, with the head of the snake being congressman Raúl Grijalva (he's been in this office for nearly two decades) — Grijalva’s daughter, a former board member for a local school district which saw some of the lowest academic scores in the country, currently occupies a seat on the county’s Board of Supervisors; and, the Marxist mayor of Tucson is married to a long-time Grijalva staffer. (In 2019, national news covered a vicious and unwarranted physical assault against a man for the offense of donning a MAGA hat; the perpetrator was, at the time, employed by Grijalva.)

Now, Luis Pozzolo, an America-loving legal immigrant — and Republican — is rocking the boat, and threatened Democrats like Cázares-Kelly have no shame, and frankly, no integrity.

(Honestly though, is that even surprising? They are Alinskyites after all. Excuse me, I meant "grassroots organizers.")

But hold on! Cázares-Kelly said not to worry, as this Twitter page was her personal account and had nothing to do with her official capacity, so nothing unethical happened. She just happens to have 23k followers and interviews with Rolling Stone because she’s impressive, not because she’s an elected official as well as a political leftist’s fantasy incarnate: ‘stunning and brave,’ is actively “dismantling white supremacy”, uses pronouns, and hates Donald Trump.

Unfortunately for Cázares-Kelly, the internet has this crazy thing called “The Wayback Machine” — it memorializes web pages into the archives…. even when they’re revised and updated. (As a former Pima County resident, I actually watched a pre-election debate, and she makes Stacey Abrams look like an intellectual.)

On August 3rd, the machine caught a screenshot from her Twitter homepage, which showed she did in fact link her Twitter page to the official Recorder’s office website (this has now been changed).

Yet, like I said, she’s really not the sharpest tool in the shed. The introduction to her Facebook page reads, “She/Her. Progressive Democratic. Public Figure page for Pima County Recorder. Official office page i [sic]” and also shares the same post encouraging door knocking for the “pro-voter” candidate Grijalva. If you’re going to trod the path of deception and corruption to cover your tracks for ethical (and possibly legal?) violations, at least hit all your social media profiles, there really can’t be that many.

But, alas, the Democrat pawns are most useful when they’re idiots. Look here, she even openly suggests that voters fraudulently sign affidavits, if they mix-up their ballots:

Cázares-Kelly really is the perfect Democrat: supremely dimwitted, flouts her disregard for the integrity of her office, and displays profound contempt for the voters who demand political integrity. But what could else could one expect? The pre-election debate between Cázares-Kelly and her Republican opponent was the writing on the wall. Aside from the fact she’s completely incompentent and complicit in the downfall of our great Republic, it was pure comedy. Cázares-Kelly, had zero meaningful experience with elections and ran on a platform which largely consisted of two things (neither of which had anything to do with the job required of a county recorder). First, her belief that Marxist indoctrination should replace a true public education (she touts her obedience to the RedForEd movement). Secondly, her viral moment as an obese Native riding a scooter — no, I’m not kidding, her campaign stickers depicted a slimmed-down version of herself on a scooter with the words “Indigenous Woman Coming Through!”. Her opponent was a veteran, a retired lawyer, and former airline pilot, who had years of experience working within the election processes, but he was White, straight, a male, and a Republican, so clearly he wasn’t fit for the job.

Democrats in charge is a failed social experiment, and Cázares-Kelly's ineptitude proves it.

Image: Twitter video screen grab.

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