Brandon’s foreign legion

On 22 October 2022 NBC news reported a record 2.76 million illegal border crossings during the 2022 fiscal year ending 30 September.  Since the beginning of the Biden presidency it is estimated that approximately 5.5 million immigrants illegally entered the U.S.

As comparison, the total number of all uniformed Department of Defense service members (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and the reserve components of each branch) is only 2.39 million personnel (2020 data, but recent year-to-year service size remains similar).   In effect, Brandon’s Foreign Legion of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. under his presidency currently outnumber our uniformed U.S. military by a 2:1 ratio.   It is anyone’s guess how badly skewed this ratio will become if current policies remain in effect for the next two years of this presidency. 

Illegals at the border in Texas (Rumble video screengrab - cropped)

As voters interact with elected representatives and  assess candidates for upcoming elections a question needs to be asked of them.  Can the representative or candidate provide valid, sane justification for the policies that enable the current illegal border crossings? 

The open border politicians will likely provide woke socialist platitudes as to why the border is not secured.  However, I can think of no sane valid justification for permitting millions of people to illegally enter the U.S. each year.  Elected leaders (and those seeking to get elected) need to take the necessary action to secure the nation’s borders or they need to be booted out of office through election and/or recall processes.   There is no third option. 

J.Michael is the pen name of an old soldier.

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