Biden reportedly about to imperil national security by draining Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lower gasoline prices before midterms

I don't understand why Republican candidates for office are not challenging their opponents on whether or not they support President Biden's harming national security by draining of the Strategic Petroleum Reserve for temporary price declines at the gasoline pump as the nation votes.  Biden's policies brought about high oil prices, starting with his cancelation of the Keystone Pipeline and limits on oil leasing on Day One of his term.  Now, as international tensions soar, and formerly reliable oil suppliers like Saudi Arabia mull retaliation for slights from Biden, our ability to withstand a cutoff of diminishment of oil supplies is imperiled by Biden's move to shore up his political support.

President Trump tried to add to the SPR when his policies brought low oil prices but Democrats blocked him; now Biden figuratively eats the seed corn that President Trump tried to put away for a rainy day as clouds loom.

Barron's reports:

Oil prices slid on Tuesday on reports that President Joe Biden will probably release another 10 million to 15 million barrels of oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve.

Nobody in the Biden administration is going on the record; this report is based on anonymous sources.  But the oil markets believe it because Biden has acted this irresponsibly before.  And the level of our reserves shows it:


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