Biden is back to fantasizing, this time about being sought out as a college president

Joe Biden is back to fantasyland again, now claiming that three unnamed colleges sought him out after his vice presidency to become their institutional presidents.

According to the New York Post:

President Biden claimed Friday that three universities reached out to gauge his interest in their top jobs after he left office as vice president in 2017, but that his wife Jill strongly objected.

Biden told the story at Delaware State University while speaking about his cancellation of about $400 billion in student debt — saying it was a “true story.”

“True story: When I left the vice presidency, after Beau died, I wasn’t going to get involved in politics anymore. So I became a full professor at the University of Pennsylvania,” he said.

“But before that occurred, three universities came to me and said they wanted to interview me to consider my being a president of the university.”

The idea was a no-go with his wife, said Biden, who routinely tells falseembellished or unverifiable stories about himself while attempting to connect with his audiences.

“My wife, who’s a professor at a community college, she has two master’s [degrees] and a Ph.D. because she’s smarter than me. And she looked at me, she said, ‘If you do that, I’m leaving you’,” Biden continued.

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Which is just a little questionable, given Biden's record of bold-faced lies about himself as well as everything else.

Biden's lies about himself always have this little Walter Mitty quality about them -- Biden the hero, Biden the ordinary guy thrust into great roles of heroism by chance or fate. Here's a list of his various claims, which I wrote about a couple years ago -- Biden the Parkland massacre consoler in chief, right there on the ground with them, Biden the Iraq war hero, Biden the daring Afghanistan war hero, Biden the participant at lunch counter sit-ins during the Civil Rights era, Biden the coal miner .. plus Biden the truck driver, Biden who was arrested in South Africa over Nelson Mandela, laughable claims which have occurred since.

As I wrote here at the time:

In every instance, Biden was the underdog, the man of courage, the guy who stood up to evil forces and made himself a hero.  Not one of these claims was true, but that's just the point: Biden spends mental time in a fantasy universe, very unlike the one he actually lives in.  In reality, he's a man of no accomplishments and nothing but political loyalties.  The world Biden inhabits is the Washington swamp, a boring place characterized by big sleazy money deals and family enrichment, cronyism in smoke-filled rooms.  Biden's China and Ukraine deals, enacted by his underachieving junior, were abetted by Biden's political muscle in the background.  That's the only life Biden can point to.

Now he claims he was sought out as college president by multiple institutions even though he can't speak a coherent sentence, has been caught plagiarizing many times, and graduated at the bottom of all his classes.

He's so full of garbage. Anybody believe him when he claims he was sought out as president of three colleges, but Jill told him 'no' and threatened to leave him? Would any college like to come forward and name itself as interested in Joe Biden with all his executive "talents" as its president? Would Biden make colleges better? We all know his record as president and had a pretty good idea of it even when he was vice president, back when Barack Obama was saying 'never underestimate Joe's ability to f*** things up."

Just Biden's trivializing understanding of the job of a college president -- which he claimed was to decide parking spaces and office windows -- pretty well tells us he doesn't know much about the job of college president. Would colleges want a guy like that? Maybe Jesse Watters can go around with his microphone and ask a few of them about this. The knowledge Biden has of the educational establishment is pretty well confined to Doctor-to-us Jill Biden, the one who can't pronounce basic Spanish, despite teaching in community colleges with many Latino kids, and her faculty lounge ethos.

But this claim to his audience, supposedly to endear him to them with his devotion to obeying Jill and its attempt to claim to audiences that he is very close to college systems, has a special quality that's worth noting and it's not pretty.

Biden has claimed that colleges were after him because he's such a desirable guy and somehow he couldn't do it because Jill said 'no,' but everyone is supposed to be oohing and ahhing about the fact that instead of becoming a college president, he went on to become U.S. president.

What a feat. What modesty! We are all supposed to goggle in admiration at Biden's inherent excellence, given that serving as college president is piddly compared to "serving" as president of the U.S. 

See the point he was making? He was backhandedly praising himself, talking about what a smart guy he was, even as he rightly claimed that Jill was smarter in that "little lady" patronizing way he has.

What a disgusting chump. Maybe he can name these colleges that couldn't wait to get their hands on him as their chief executive, so that a coming Republican Congress can investigate them for corruption. The only reason a college would name Biden for a presidential slot would be to exert political influence in Washington. Theoretically, that could be the case, but they'd need to be investigated. No names, though, are forthcoming, because even the corruptest colleges likely knew that Biden would be an idiot.

Color me skeptical. And color me disgusted at Joe Biden's amazing eternal vanity.

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