Biden cares 'much less' about the middle class than other presidents -poll

Ahead of midterm elections, most polls have ugly news for Joe Biden and his failed Democrat administration.

A new one, from AMAC/Trafalgar, is particularly damning:

In a stark indication of just how dramatically the American public has soured on the administration of President Joe Biden, a new scientific opinion poll conducted by the Trafalgar Group for AMAC, sampling 1,078 likely voters nationwide, finds that a majority of Americans say the Biden administration cares “much less” about the middle class than previous administrations.

While in recent months the media has pushed the narrative of a Democratic “resurgence” and a budding recovery for President Biden, the AMAC poll’s findings suggest that on the contrary, the relationship between the Biden administration and the American electorate may be irreparably broken.

The inaugural AMAC Newsline opinion poll was conducted from September 21-26 and has a margin of error of 2.9 percent. The Trafalgar Group was one of the few polling organizations that correctly predicted the outcome of the 2016 presidential contest and was also among the most accurate pollsters in 2020.

The poll, as AMAC's Shane Harris points out, is sort of a summary of all the things that have alienated voters from Joe Biden -- inflation, the economy, the border, runaway crime. Nobody takes the brunt of these things quite like the middle class does, nor do they seek to right the situation when these issues go south. Biden has managed to offend everyone within the largest voting bloc with his mismanaged presidency. The rich don't care in most cases, as they are insulated from these problems. The poor are always with us and know these problems in good times and bad. The middle class though, has rising expectations -- and will strike back at those who make them fall.

It just goes to show how out of touch the Democrats are with their radical green priorities, their indifference to crime, their ignorance about where inflation comes from, and their indifference to middle class wellbeing. For Joe Biden, the answer to these failures is always to throw a subsidy at it, something which fails on a large scale.

To sum up what Tucker Carlson has said about the matter: They really, really don't care about you.

Which is sums up the Biden administration in a nutshell.

It also sums up the far left.

The radical left, recall, has always brimmed with hatred for the middle class. 

Dating from the days of Marx and Lenin, Marxist doctrine has expressed strong contempt for middle classes and their values, which in those days, was to place all hopes for revolution on the working class as a sort of revolutionary vanguard. Marx and Lenin despised shopkeepers, calling them "petit bourgeouis" and demanding that they be "liquidated" as a class.

The New Left carried on with the contempt, bellowing about "the boozh-wah" in the 1950s and 1960s,with Alan Ginsburgh wroting snidely about Americans and their filling stations in approximately this era.

Middle class was boring, it was mocked as uniform and conformist, it was Levittown, it was a garage full of expensive sports equipment and for the left, there was way too much freedom, not nearly enough rage and revolution.

By the 1990s, though, the act had gotten old, the wall had fallen and the radical left suddenly claimed to be the standard bearer of the ""middle class" instead of the working class, which eventually went for Donald Trump. It was phony baloney of course, the disguise of a movement that couldn't sell its ideas any other way.

Now Joe Biden has opted to turn his fraudulent presidency into a sort of sock puppetry of this far left. bringing back the old contempt of the middle class full circle, while gaslighting that he's doing the opposite.

The voters, based on this poll, apparently see right through it. The old Marxist hate for the middle classes is evident in Biden's lunatic policies, which benefit the rich, along with an indigent dependency class auxiliary.

That's obvious enough in this poll, and explains the irretrievability of this broken bond.

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