Are Republicans prepared for the aftermath of the 'Red Flood'?

It is my opinion that this midterm election will not be a "red wave" or a "red tsunami."  I predict a Red Flood of almost Noahic proportions.  First will come the overwhelming rejection of the Biden agenda on November 8.  Then will come the rejoicing by most of Red America.  But after that, the illegalities will begin, starting with challenging the vote counts and the calls for recounts.  Then it will escalate to violence unless there is a plan to nip it in the bud.

During the period from midnight November 8 to the next days and weeks, I anticipate widespread violence and election fraud.  Democrats will try to claw back some wins from their losses.  They have demonstrated that nothing is too outrageous, illegal, or demonic when it comes to cheating and violence, so those two tactics will be at the forefront of efforts to negate the massive Red Flood come Wednesday morning.  After all, with Biden stopped in his tracks, no more of their insanity will likely get passed.  So how is the uproar likely to happen?

First will come halting the vote count long enough to "find" more ballots, something that always favors Democrats, oddly enough.  Then will come the protesting, rioting, burning, property destruction, harassing of politicians, doxxing, and intimidation of Republican politicians and some SCOTUS justices.

Image: A "mostly peaceful" protest.  YouTube screen grab.

The media will go full metal jacket, "finding" instances of GOP cheating (which will not be found) and election fraud.  What are Republican power brokers prepared to do?  We know that the radical left Democrats are generously funded by Soros et al., but who funds conservatives, and how much?

My problem with Republicans is that they rarely anticipate Democrat chaos.  They always seem to be taken by surprise.  They are reactive instead of proactive.  For example, what precautions are being taken right now to prevent cheating, demonstrating, burning, violence, and fraud?  I am not asking what Republicans will do when these things happen.  I am asking them if they are anticipating these things happening.  If not, what possible excuse is there for not anticipating these things?  Moreover, what do they plan to do to put out the literal and figurative fires?

There is a fundamental personality difference between Democrats and Republicans.  It would help a lot if the latter understood that Democrats, unlike Republicans, have no compunction against violence and cheating.  They have no internal governor controlling their scurrilous and vitriolic behavior.  Nothing is out of play for leftists.

Republicans need to plan for that.  Yet the GOP always seems surprised and "appalled" by radicals being radicals.  The fable of the scorpion and the frog comes to mind, as well as the song containing the line, "You knew I was a snake before you took me in."  Democrats do violence and chaos.  It is who they are.  There are no excuses for being surprised at what they might do.

Just recently, a truly nauseating, snarling red-haired transgender activist, demonstrating against an appearance by Matt Walsh at the U of Wisconsin, viciously and unfathomably ate some pages from a Bible to make a point.  This behavior is more than extreme.  It is demonic.  Demonic behavior is becoming more and more frequent among leftists.  Imagine what they are planning when they rightly perceive that their perverse Luciferian agenda is threatened by the results of November's midterm elections.

I challenge the Republican Party, its candidates, and its leaders to tell America what they have got planned to deal with violence and voter fraud.  I'm not talking about after the election, although that, too.  I mean now.  Right now.

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