Another voting registration 'accident' with 30,000 non-citizens mailed notices, this time in Colorado

There's a reason voters don't trust elections as honest mechanisms anymore, and a Democrat secretary of state in Colorado has shown us all why.

According to Fox News:

Around 30,000 non-U.S. citizens living in Colorado were mistakenly sent postcards late last month encouraging them to register to vote.

Democratic Secretary of State Jena Griswold's office said the postcards were mistakenly mailed on Sept. 27 after department employees compared a list of names of 102,000 people provided by the Electronic Registration Information Center to a database of Colorado residents issued driver's licenses.

That Department of Revenue driver's license list includes residents issued special licenses for people who are not U.S. citizens. But it didn't include formatting information that normally would have allowed the Department of State to eliminate those names before the mailers went out, Griswold's office said.

The Colorado postcards, in English and Spanish, specify that residents must be U.S. citizens and at least 18 years old to register. 

Ahhh, a mistake.  Unwitting.  Accidental.  The staff did it.

And somehow, it's only Democrats who do this.

A basic function of a registrar of voters is to maintain clean voting rolls.  The staff knew that citizens and noncitizens were all mixed in in the driver's license database, yet they chose to ignore that issue and mailed away to let the illegals know they too could vote.

If you were an illegal and constantly heard news about the trend of getting noncitizens to vote in big cities, why wouldn't you think the state of Colorado wanted you to register to vote, particularly since the notice was printed in ultra-accommodating Spanish?  The citizenship requirement was just fine print, and in any case, everyone's a citizen of somewhere, including, as Democrats say, "undocumented citizens."  Non-citizens, of course, and particularly illegals, tend to vote Democrat.

It gets worse: Griswold is a former Obama official who had a big problem when President Trump tried to clean up America's voter rolls to halt vote fraud.

According to the Denver Post in a puff piece about her dated 2018, when she decided to run for office:

A Democratic candidate for the state's top elections job is calling Donald Trump's voter fraud panel "a sham commission" and blasting Secretary of State Wayne Williams for his "rash decision" to comply.

"We need to call the commission what it is and be very careful about how we are dealing with the commission," said Jena Griswold, a former voting rights attorney for the Obama campaign and member of Gov. John Hickenlooper's administration.

Griswold, a 32-year-old from Louisville, filed paperwork Wednesday to challenge the Republican incumbent in the 2018 election.

So let's just say the Soros-financed secretary of state has "a history."

The claims by Griswold, that her office is taking steps to correct the matter, by printing up and resending 30,000 corrective notices at taxpayer expense to the non-citizens, as well as installing safeguards in the registration system should a non-citizen try to register, are nonsense.  Her staff was incapable of following basic ground rules and basic law on the all-important matter of confirming citizenship.  Why would these Democrats (and you know they are all Democrats) be trusted to be competent a second time, particularly with her around as their leader?  It would be natural to expect that that won't be done, either.  They'll just say it's done to make the media stories go away.

She's already been accused by GOP activists of destroying voting records from the 2020 election that were required to be preserved by federal law — another "accident," of course, so many "accidents" — so somehow she commits a lot of them.  Yet somehow these accidents and mistakes always benefit Democrats, which is quite a coincidence.  To destroy ballots required to be preserved ensures that no one who might come after her will ever be able to examine the ballots to verify whether it was the honest count. 

You can bet there was something in those destroyed ballots she didn't want her political opponents to see.

It's pretty interesting that these "accidents," so many of them, somehow happen only under Democrats.  Legal?  She's pretty casual with the law when it doesn't serve Democrats.

We don't see her resigning over this nasty incompetence on election integrity in an act of sincere regret, let alone apologizing, or naming and firing her incompetent staff.  Everything stays business as usual in her office as the "investigation," soon to be dragged out and buried, carries on, so it's obvious that her admission of an "error" has about as much weight as Lois Lerner's claims about blundering staff in that haven of rubes, Cincinnati, in its IRS office.

Bottom line: This "mistake" looks political, and, like the IRS scandal targeting Tea Party organizers for special enforcement for political reasons during the Obama administration, it may have been engineered from the top.

What would work in Colorado would be for the Legislature to get involved, declaring that any "mistake" made by a secretary of state is by default not a mistake, and 30,000 extra votes, or whatever the extent of the error, would be awarded to the other party as compensation.

That might get their attention.  What's important now is that Colorado's voters throw her out of office and retrieve as many destroyed records as possible.

Image: RightCowLeftCoast via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0.

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