Will the person or persons who wrote that vile speech please step forward?

While pathetic old Joe Biden delivered his “soul of the nation” speech on Thursday with the fury and rage of a demented man, everyone knows he did not write the words he spewed with such venom.  So, who did write it?  And exactly who thought staging the event like Hitler’s Nazi propagandist Leni Riefenstahl was a good idea and that parroting Hitler’s gestures would win over supporters?   

The Nazi-like staging could only be lost on the very young.  Are the writer (or writers) and stage designers so contemptuous of America, as Obama surely was, that they thought presenting Biden as some third world dictator would be well-received?  From Independence Hall where our Founders signed the Declaration of Independence?   

Surely, they must be proud of their work.  One might expect them to admit authorship and enjoy bragging rights.  But no, no one has claimed credit for what will come to be known as the most infamous speech ever delivered by an American President.  Whoever they were, they need to be identified and fired for they are enemies of America.  

Oh, we all get that the goal was to drive Trump supporters into the streets to wreak violence in the style of Antifa and Black Lives Matter, those thugs who are allowed to destroy entire cities without being charged with any crimes.  That was abundantly clear.  

The left badly wants an excuse to accuse Republicans of the kinds of violence those left-supported groups commit on a regular basis.  But conservatives simply do not behave that way.  On the whole, Trump supporters are more evolved than the street goons the leftists cheer.   Biden claimed that Trump’s supporters are violent but given Kamala’s support for the rioters of the summer of 2020, it is the left that incites violence and participates in it, and then bails out the perpetrators.

Roger Simon wonders who wrote it as well.  John Meacham?  Jeff NussbaumVinay Reddy?  Biden’s chief of Staff Ron Klain?  Or some young, university-indoctrinated communist whose name we’ve yet to learn?  Simon, too, wants to know “…who put those evil, incendiary words in Biden’s all-too-complaisant mouth?”  Why aren’t they willing to take credit for their inflammatory words?  Hmmm.  

The three broadcast networks refused to carry the speech.  No doubt they had advance knowledge of its text and chose wisely not to air such a rabid, demagogic speech.  They probably did not even know that the staging would be Hitler-esque.  And yet perhaps it would have been better if many millions of Americans had seen the speech.  They might have been oh-so-harshly awakened as to just who Joe Biden is – a puppet of some very bad people who do not have America’s best interests at heart.  But alas, the media will protect the treacherous Bidens and their handlers no matter how much damage they do.

Like the rest of the demented left – Pelosi, Schumer, etc. – Biden kept saying “our democracy is in danger.”  Yet the word “democracy” is not mentioned in the Constitution.  We are a representative republic, not a direct democracy.  As for “equality,” the other word Biden kept reiterating, as the left tries to legislate equality, an impossibility, we are now less equal than ever.  

The imposition of DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) has made us all just cogs in a color-coded machine that either punishes or rewards based on the notion that all people must be categorized by race. 

 Oh, and then there is the left’s aggressive and offensive drive to transform as many children as possible into transgendered children, made sterile with cross gender hormones and surgically mutilated, if possible, the younger the better.  This latter of their campaigns is the very worst and the most barbaric.  Joe Biden is on board with all of it proving his commitment to the destruction of America as founded. 

Given the fact that whoever wrote that repugnant speech is not stepping forward to take credit for his/her/ or their work, one has to wonder if it is because they are shocked by the largely negative reaction to it?  Or perhaps they knew that it would offend the millions of Trump supporters it was meant to offend; they may be proud of the speech but cowardly. 

One thing is certain: they did Biden no favor.  Anyone who saw, heard, or read the speech now knows without a doubt that Joe Biden is an even nastier piece of work than previously known.  He and his speechwriting pals are a blight on our political scene, more than any previous President and staff.  Biden is the most anti-American president in US history, which is saying a lot given Obama’s disdain for America and its people.  May the nation survive the traitors who hold power today.

Photo credit: Twitter screen shot.

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