Why the final hearing of the Jan. 6 Committee show trial got postponed

Just yesterday, the House Jan. 6 committee announced that it is postponing its ninth and final public hearing, originally scheduled to be held and televised on September 28 at 1 P.M. E.T.

Surprisingly or perhaps unsurprisingly, the website for the Committee had no information about the reason for postponement.

The website carried has a succinct caption: "*POSTPONED* 09/28/22 SELECT COMMITTEE HEARING."

Perhaps they do not want the reason for the postponement to be part of official government records?

They chose to reveal the reasons for the postponement to the Washington Post, their propaganda wing that masquerades as a news outlet.

People often claim that the media have a Democrat bias.  This is because they erroneously assume that the mainstream media and the Democrats are disparate entities and the Democrats are somehow influencing the media.

That cannot be farther from the truth.

The fact is, news media function like a department within the Democrat party.  At times, the "news media" lead, and the Democrats in D.C. follow, and vice versa.

There is perfect synchronicity between their utterances. 

They frequently use identical phraseology for any given incident.  Words such as "collusion" or "insurrection" did not occur to them simultaneously or by coincidence.

A nefarious but adept Democrat wordsmith and mastermind supplied this terminology, and the media assiduously followed.  They obediently repeated these terms until they became almost official jargon.  Even Republicans repeat them unknowingly.

In a joint statement, the January 6 committee leadership stated the following:

"In light of Hurricane Ian bearing down on parts of Florida, we have decided to postpone tomorrow's proceedings," said Chairman Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., and Rep. Liz Cheney, R-Wyo., who vice-chairs the committee. "We're praying for the safety of all those in the storm's path."

No new date has been announced.

It is customary to postpone live entertainment shows following natural disasters, as a mark of respect to those suffering.

But the hurricane hasn't hit Florida yet.  Florida is almost 900 miles away from Washington, D.C., where the hearing is to take place.  Most importantly, the trial is not an entertainment show.

The Democrats claim that the hearings have been conducted in defense of democracy and the Constitution.

Why then would they postpone an event of such monumental importance?

Why couldn't they have their hearing but begin with a somber message in support of Floridians?

There are two main reasons for this postponement.

The first reason is that the media and the nation will soon be totally focused on the hurricane in Florida — i.e., their hearings will receive no media traction.

This is a media trial, and if the media are unable to cover it and amplify its misinformation, it is meaningless.  

The second reason is that it gives them an excuse to hold their hearing just before the midterms in November.  They hope the claims are fresh in the minds of voters to inflict maximum damage on the GOP.

The Washington Post revealed the ulterior motives of the committee:

They'll attempt to do so this spring through public hearings, along with a potential interim report and a final report that will be published ahead of the November midterms — with the findings likely a key part of the Democrat's midterm strategy. They hope their recommendations to prevent another insurrection will be adopted, but also that their work will repel voters from Republicans who they say helped propel the attack.

But the show trial hasn't received the attention the players hoped it would.

The Washington Post conceded that even Democrat constituents have lost interest in the committee's work because of more pressing issues such as record-high gas prices and a soaring inflation rate, among other concerns.

It is not only foolish, but also insensitive and narcissistic of D.C. to presume that people would ignore issues that affect them personally to focus on the vicious and personal vendetta against Trump.

It is said that citizens speak via their votes.  The GOP primary in Wyoming held in mid-August proved that regular Americans aren't indifferent, but antagonistic toward the show trial.

The de facto leader and brand ambassador of the trial, Liz Cheney, suffered an emphatic routing during her primary contest.  Cheney secured just 29.2% percent of the votes, while her challenger, Harriet Hageman, secured 66.0% of the votes.   

The committee has held eight hearings throughout the summer.

They had television producers to dramatize the occurrences.

The Committee largely ignored the Capitol security failures on Jan. 6.  They ignore the shooting of an unarmed protester, Air Force veteran Ashli Babbitt.  They ignored the mysterious Ray Epps, who was seen inciting the crowd but somehow never faced charges.

If their goal was to really to defend democracy and investigate the occurrences of January 6, 2021, they would have insisted that the committee be truly bipartisan — i.e., consisting of Democrats, establishment Republicans, and MAGA Republicans.

The likes of Cheney often claim that they stand for the Constitution and the rule of law.

If that were really the case, she would have insisted that Trump's defense team be allowed to grill each and every witness and invite witnesses of their choice whom the anti-Trump contingent could question.

But these are Democrats.  They do not believe in freedom or fairness.  They do not believe in convincing skeptics.  They would rather shout down others, issue mandates, and use pejorative epithets for dissenters.

Hence, each and every member of the January 6 Committee, irrespective of his party affiliation, is not just an opponent, but a vicious hater of President Trump.  Every witness is vehemently adversarial toward Trump.  The witnesses mostly rely on conjecture and claims they overheard third parties making.  Never, ever, are their claims challenged.  The more outrageous the claim, the better.

All of this is straight out of Stalin's playbook.

They no longer care to appear neutral.

When former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson finished her testimony in which she made a preposterous claim that Trump attempted to seize control of the steering wheel of the presidential car known as "The Beast" and assault Secret Service agents, she received a warm hug from committee member Liz Cheney.

So what happens next?

The season finale will probably air toward the end of October.

Expect a big media push for the finale, much like what happens for the season finale of any show based on fiction.

Expect a major push by the media.  Perhaps Tom Hanks will be roped in for a documentary about the insurrection to promote the final hearings.

The finale will be replete with more scandalous, outrageous, scurrilous, and spurious claims.  The media will amplify every claim to attack the GOP until the midterms.

This was always the goal of this show trial with an aim to persecute political opponents and eventually outlaw political opposition.

The short-term goal is to manipulate the midterms, but the long-term goal is preventing Trump from running. 

They are unlikely to change any votes.  Those who watch the hearing are already voting Democrat.

When they fail to block Trump after the season finale, the show will be renewed for a second season with a new narrative, which will continue till November 2024.

By that time, the GOP will be in control of the House.

The question is, will they be able to stop the madness, or will they be bystanders as they usually are?

Caricature by DonkeyHotey via FlickrCC BY-SA 2.0.

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